Chinajoy 2020Ended Successfully. Scienjoy Releases Pan-entertainment Live Flow Value

Published on : 10 August 2020

In recent years, with the popularity and development of the Internet worldwide, the concept of "Pan-entertainment" has gradually been deeply rooted in people’s heart and has become one of the important characteristics and trends of the Internet era in China.

With years of experience in livestreaming and a solid and reliable user base, it is inevitable for Scienjoy to try e-commerce livestreaming. Because of its own development experience and judgment on the future development trends, it focuses more on the combination of e-commerce livestreaming and pan-entertainment livestreaming in product and operation, so as to meet the increasingly diversified and refined needs of the public by increasing the entertainment on the platform as well as the participation of users and establishing dynamic ecosystem content.

From July 31 to August 3, 2020, the 18th Chinajoy will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. It is reported that with the theme of "Science and technology, leading the new wave of digital entertainment", the exhibition has set up game exhibition areas such as game derived trendy toys, 5G cloud games, theme board games, COSPLAY cover competition, the first "Luoshang Huafu appreciation" fashion culture activities and other related experiential activities, attracting many fans to the exhibition.

In order to maximize the power of this exhibition, China joy carried out the online and offline two-way interactive exhibition mode for the first time. Scienjoy seized the fruitful opportunity to vigorously develop "Pan-entertainment” by reaching friendly cooperation with ChinaJoy Plus through Alibaba's Damai as its pan-entertainment livestreaming industry partner. Scienjoy has not only customized online content for China joy Plus, but also had more than a dozen streamers going deep into the scene to report on the four-day exhibition comprehensively. The livestreaming content reaches users of three platforms: Showself livestream, Lehaitv livestream and Haixiu livestream. Moreover, the publicity zone has been launched to help exhibitors maximize the effect of promotion and brand exposure, and to a certain extent, enhance the influence of their own brand.

On August 2nd, Mr. He Xiaowu, CEO of Scienjoy, visited the official livestreaming room of Damai-ChinaJoy treasure Exploration Carnival. He interacted with the online audience in real time, distributed treasure welfare, and brought Scienjoy’s "Treasure Story" to the audience, speaking about the enterprise development process, market strategy and future planning. He Xiaowu said that through the cooperation between Damai and ChinaJoy, Scienjoy has realized the organic combination of OMO and the development of the digital entertainment industry, enabling the brands of both parties and improving the flow value. Meanwhile, he hopes to take this cooperation as an opportunity to carry out deeper cooperation with Damai in the fields of concerts, drama, musical drama, sports events and so on.

As the leader of Chinese Mobile Video Livestreaming, Scienjoy has been adhering to the mission of "providing excellent value service for users with innovative thinking" since the launch of "Showself" in 2012 and is committed to creating a service matrix with a happy experience as the core for users. Based on the in-depth understanding and judgment of the direct livestreaming industry and user behavior, Scienjoy has constructed a virtual second life in the livestreaming context. By setting up a series of scenes, the livestreamers and users can experience growth together, show their individuality, share the beauty, establish a dynamic content ecology, and realize the transformation of social relations from weak to strong. At present, its products include Showself livestream, Lehaitv and Haixiutv. At the end of December 2019, it has over 200 million users.

In May this year, Scienjoy officially landed on the US stock exchange NASDAQ. This cooperation with ChinaJoy is the most important measure of brand development after Scienjoy’s listing, and it is also a beneficial effort at continuous innovation in the ongoing development of the industry. It is believed that it will further release its flow value in the field of entertainment and digitization.

Recently, Scienjoy has been active in exploring many adjacent fields. In addition to launching social e-commerce platform "Scienjoy Selection" in its livestream products, it is also actively exploring the full integration of livestreaming and entertainment, new media, medical and aesthetic fields. In the future, it will steadily carry out its overseas strategy and expand its layout in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, in order to better connect with 5G technology, we will increase our R&D and reserve of emerging technologies,contribute to the deep integration of science and technology with the industry and create the most influential Mobile Live closed loop ecosystem facing the global market.

The future Internet era is bound to breed more possibilities. With clear development plans and accurate positioning, Scienjoy is expected to have infinite future.