Innovation technology seeks industry "breakthroughs”, SCIENJOY explores the infinite possibilities

Published on : 16 September 2020

Live broadcasting has been popular in China for a long time. The early "live broadcasting" did not use the Internet and was a way to directly transmit pictures to TV through "live satellites". However, with the development of the Internet and intelligent mobile devices, live broadcasting has gradually transferred from TV to PC, and then to mobile devices. Our time and space restrictions in watching live broadcasting have been greatly liberated. Live broadcasting has also experienced three single forms: show, game and pan-life to today’s "live +".

It was in the era of live show that SCIENJOY entered the live broadcasting industry. From 2014 to 2016, SCIENJOY launched "Xiuse live broadcast", "Lehi live broadcast" and "Hixiu live broadcast". As a result, SCIENJOY ranked among the top 10 online live broadcasting platforms in China in 2015.

In recent years, SCIENJOY keeps up with the trend of the live broadcasting industry, constantly improves itself, and advances bravely in the increasingly competitive live broadcasting industry. In May 2020, SCIENJOY officially landed on the US stock market NASDAQ. "This successful listing is an important milestone and a new starting point for SCIENJOY" CEO He Xiaowu said.

Focus on the social field and innovate the development direction of live broadcast

In 2016, live broadcasting became the biggest Internet boom after o2o. Investments were quite generous. Live-broadcasting became a fashion overnight, and "internet celebrity" became widely known. Almost all enterprises, stars and e-commerce got caught up with the "live broadcast" frenzy. 2016 was regarded as "the first year of China's webcast".

At that time, with the business ability and outstanding performance of the management team, SCIENJOY won the favor of TONGFANG INVESTMENT’s SPC fund and concluded the transaction in 2017.

Since the birth of live broadcasting, the core purpose for social networking has been ever changing------ through live broadcasting, the interaction between the webcasters and audiences strengthens, so that audiences can obtain content they need in terms of social activities. Domestic live broadcasting not only further shortens the distance between users and enhances the interaction, but also explores a new revenue model of the mobile Internet industry. The combination of live broadcasting and social networking has been enhancing communications, increasing the revenue of the platform and bringing more traffic.

From the beginning of the "AA Diner" based on the multi person social dining scene to the later combining with multiple live broadcast platforms of online social entertainment, SCIENJOY has been being committed to exploring the interpersonal relationship and social ecosystem in the Internet era. "We believe that one of the advantages of the mobile Internet is to promote people-to-people connections, that is, to make social networking more convenient. So SCIENJOY has always focused on the innovation and development of products in terms of social attributes" HE said.

SCIENJOY has been paying attention to observe and analyze user needs and industry trends. On the live broadcasting platform, post-90s users account for 44.2%. The post-90s, who grew up in the era of mobile Internet, are very dependent on mobile phones. At the same time, they are open-minded and willing to accept new things. With the development of live social networking, users are not only satisfied with watching live broadcast content, but also form a circle around the live broadcast they are interested in, and fullfil the social purposes of communication, making friends and gathering in this circle. SCIENJOY takes the lead in launching an internet entertainment mode combining asynchronous social networking and synchronous real-time video interaction, providing users with a 7 * 24-hour "social + live" entertainment experience.

At the same time, China's live broadcasting industry is also accelerating the pace of "going out ".

In January 2019, Tentacle’s overseas game live platform Topped the app store in Indonesia; in March 2019, YY completed the acquisition of South East Asian live social platform BIGO LIVE; in June 2019, NiMo TV, the overseas live game platform of Huya live, announced its entry into Brazil and laid out the South American market. The streaming service Kar launched by KK is also leading in the online live market in India and Pakistan.

In August 2020, SCIENJOY acquired Beelive, a global live broadcasting platform, which marked officially entering the global market. Referring to the operation mode of Beelive, HE said: "Beelive will absorb the existing domestic successful modes in live broadcasting, and will take root in the local area, integrate with the local culture, and meet the real needs of local users. On the other hand, Beelive's social attributes will surpass domestic live broadcasting platforms and be further strengthened’.

Open up the cooperative attitude and explore the infinite possibility of "live +"

In the years after live broadcasting reached its climax in 2016, the whole industry gradually began to "abate fever", and the industry entered a "stagnant" development stage. However, since 2019, live broadcasting has entered a new era, and new business models such as e-commerce live broadcast and "live+" have developed rapidly. "Live broadcast + e-commerce" has attracted the attention of the industry. Technological innovation and the support of 5G technology have brought great opportunities for the development of the live broadcasting industry.

It can be seen that with the application of new technologies, the live broadcasting industry will continue to maintain steady development, and the industry will enter the stage of refined and professional operation in the future. And with the development of network infrastructure, live broadcast will spread all over the world, having a place in all walks of life, and become an important part of global industry. The field and mode of live broadcasting is not only limited to entertainment live broadcasting, but also other types. In the entertainment live broadcasting industry, there will also be new modes of entertainment.

HE said: "the whole live broadcasting industry is looking for a breakthrough and rebirth: starting from users, exploring new content and building new scenes. It is no exception for SCIENJOY that we combine with various fields to release the huge commercial potential of live broadcasting, such as e-commerce live broadcasting, content industry, etc.; at the same time, we give full play to the social value of live broadcasting, such as employment, poverty alleviation, regional economic pull, etc”.

During the epidemic stage, the live broadcasting industry had developed rapidly, among which the most prominent industries were online education, online diagnosis and treatment, work from home, online shopping and online live broadcasting. SCIENJOY also made use of its own technology and content advantages to try to combine with offline traditional formats. It has successively launched online theater, online fitness and other content to support the traditional offline formats and enrich the platform content.

SCIENJOY is also promoting the process of business digitalization. During the period of working at home, in order to meet the needs of users and partners to efficiently realize the stable development of various work such as family settlement, webcasters interview, customized service, online activity implementation, etc., and ensure timely feedback of new needs during the special period, the business team had been sticking to their posts, answering questions, providing technical support and managing the content ecosystem audit and guidance for users and partners at all times and protecting these platforms from malicious threats.

Under the pressure of the epidemic, people rethought the combination of Internet technology and traditional industries to promote organizational reform and industrial restructuring. To some extent, the epidemic has become a catalyst for many industries to move to a new stage. These are also new opportunities for SCIENJOY’s future development. HE believes that all SCIENJOY’s staff will internalize and externalize the company’s values in their heart and conduct, and take practical actions with firm confidence to take SCIENJOY higher.

For SCIENJOY, the future development is not limited to live broadcasting, but to build a "mobile live broadcasting ecosystem", including webcaster training, content production, etc. "Our webcaster training is not only for the live broadcast platforms of SCIENJOY, but also for the industry’s empowerment. We have always been being open to cross-industry and cross-field cooperation, and we are always looking for breakthroughs. With the deep integration of traditional industries, live e-commerce is just a beginning, and we expect to play a live broadcasting effect in regional economy and industrial upgrading”.

In July, 2020, SCIENJOY and "ChinaJoyy 2020" reached a cooperation. SCIENJOY’s own platform advantages helped ChinaJoy customize online content, which further increased registered user for ChinaJoy. Live broadcast of wonderful content and offline invitation of webcasters to discuss the exhibition and interact are helpful to achieve the organic combination of OMO and the development of the digital entertainment industry

Cultivate "internal skills" and promote future development from the perspective of the

5G Technology era has come, big data algorithms, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies are about to change the current situation of live broadcasting. In the network era, it is not only the market but also the technological revolution that can completely eliminate a platform.

"We have done a lot of technology research for 5G, AI, AR, VR, big data and other new technologies, and are continuously exploring the integration of these technologies with actual business," HE said.

"In the future, SCIENJOY will create a live 2.0 era through cutting-edge technologies such as AI, AR and VR, so that users can enjoy an immersive second life experience, that is, users can not only enjoy the real experience with the webcaster through various interactions, but also experience the virtual second life world with the anchor and other users". While considering the future development mode of SCIENJOY, HE also mentioned the advantages of SCIENJOY in the field of big data. "We use big data analysis to evaluate the behavior trajectory of users which gives us a better understanding of user needs, and better match users and content, so as to help and optimize the user experience."

SCIENJOY has also built a "real-time virtual video and audio system based on AI + Ar", and has launched many interesting playing methods on the product side based on this system, which strengthens the interaction between the webcasters and users, and between users, so as to meet their social and entertainment needs, and enhance their sense of participation and retention.

In addition, HE also said that SCIENJOY owns a complete set of end-to-end mobile video live broadcasting solutions and video monitoring technology with independent intellectual property rights, al of which it is constantly optimizing. "The special feature of the self-developed monitoring solution we currently use is that it combines AI technology to monitor all video streams in real time, and combines with 24-hour continuous manual audit to create a three-dimensional content monitoring system to detect and screen illegal content in a timely manner".

With the change of user habits, the drive of technology, the formation of new content and new formats, the role of live broadcasting will be redefined. Live broadcasting will be deeply integrated into various fields, become the standard configuration of various industries, and even become the infrastructure. For the development of the industry in the future, HE believes that SCIENJOY has an absolute advantage.

"We have our own in-depth understanding of the mobile live broadcasting industry and unique mobile live operation methodology. We combine the new technology and commercialization perfectly. Based on SCIENJOY, we create a complete mobile live broadcasting ecosystem including industrial chain resources, efficient output and self-growth through entertainment, e-commerce and other sectors. At the same time we rely on data mining, AI, AR, VR and other high-tech know-how and forward-looking research, to provide users with excellent value services.".

HE said that in the current situation of fierce competition in the live broadcasting industry and the frequent "going out" of the live broadcasting platform, SCIENJOY will always maintain its enthusiasm for the live broadcasting industry, keep its own thirst for knowledge of users and the industry, and promote the future development of the live broadcasting industry to reach a higher level through the deepening of the social sphere, the accumulation of high-tech know-how and the exploration of "live +".