Showself’s “Listening Program” let the world listen to more voices

Published on : 08 November 2016

A few days ago, Showself and Beijing Foundation for disabled persons donated to help more deaf children with their listening and speaking skills in order to build a better society.

Since the establishment, Showself app has been prevalent among users and has a high download volume. In 2016, those five live stream platforms under Showself always secured the leading position in the Android app store and the entire live stream industry. Being popular among audiences, Showself also fulfilled its corporate social responsibility and committed to its modest attitude to public welfare.

Showself’s “Listening Program” makes the world more accessible to listen to

According to the latest statistics, there are 20.57 million deaf-mute people in China, accounting for 1.67% of China's total population. Among them, there are about 800,000 children under the age of 7. In addition to congenital deaf-mute children, many children became deaf-mute due to drug poisoning, environmental noise pollution, and tympanitis. However, deaf children have to bear the pain of not being able to communicate with others in the happiest period. Sometimes they have to endure the ridicule from ordinary people and eventually cast a shadow on their childhood.

A little bit of action, passing on the love to others. In November 2016, Showself and Beijing Foundation for disabled persons aided deaf-mute children financially and helped them listen to the world and fulfill their dreams.