Showself Entertainment Talked with Media Salon About "Live +": Very Kind and Imaginable

Published on : 23 April 2018

In 2018, “Regulatory” was the biggest keyword in the segmentation area. It included a short video and live broadcast. Recently, CCTV record has violated the privacy of underage pregnant women in Kuaishou and Huoshan; the footage was broadcasted in some platform. The SARFT (State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television) has seriously talked with these platforms and discussed their imperative response.

All along, live broadcast and short video industry have had a dispute between the two groups;  "Technology" and "Content". The technology group believes content is not important, and good algorithms are the most significant; while the content group believes that high-quality content is the basis of the platform’s survival.

On April 20th, the fifth media show with the theme of "Showself Password and Concentration on Live+" was successfully held in Beijing; inviting media, other companies in broadcast industries, marketing experts and other experts, to discuss how "Live +". The event was to strengthen the advantages of the platform's content, build an ecosystem of social entertainment and upgrade consumption.

“Live + public welfare”: strictly observe the bottom line and take the responsibility

Faced with the current situation of brutal growth and chaos in the live broadcast industry, Showself Entertainment has always been down-to-earth, abandoned the impetuous, strictly guarded the bottom line, and taken more social responsibilities.

In August last year, Showself Entertainment honored heroes and co-sponsored the " Fusion of the disabled and the healthy, Realization of China Dream – the Special Performance of Hero Guangzhou Shi" with the Beijing Disabled Welfare Foundation; aiming to pay tribute to the heroes such as Guangzhu Shi.

In March last year, Showself Entertainment and Beijing Disabled Welfare Foundation jointly established a special fund called "Scienjoy Listening to the Voice of the World". At present, many hearing-impaired children have been assisted with rehabilitation training. The fund will also focus on the employment, life, education and other fields of these hearing-impaired children.

On the 27th National Day for Helping the Disabled in Beijing in 2017, Showself Live was awarded as the 2016-2017 Advanced Unit for helping the Disabled. At the event, Victor He, CEO of Showself Entertainment, spoke on behalf of the company, saying that the company will persevere and take practical actions to help the development of helping the special needs community. He hoped that more companies and people can pay attention to public welfare and start helping the special needs community in the capital

This year, Showself Entertainment continued to exert its strength in public welfare. In addition to concentrating on the rehabilitation training of hearing-impaired children, they have turned their attention to the employment of special needs people. Successful employment of special needs people can not only solve a series of economic problems but also reduce the burden on families. They will gain more and more recognition and respect from family, society and, others by their own merits.

“Live + Culture”: The Newborn of Tradition Quintessence 

Under the pressure of industry supervision and homogenization competition, many big live broadcast platforms have met a year of content explosion. The platform continues to introduce high-quality hosts to attract and retain users; providing them with rich and high-quality content. Chinese traditional culture, with its profound connotation and a strong sense of identity, has become more and more popular in various platforms. Its popularity has far exceeded expectations.

Showself Entertainment talked with Media Salon about "Live +": very kind, imaginable and at side

On 2017/11/2, Showself Entertainment participated in the program called "Live on the Internet - communication platform of talents in Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, Ping Opera, Hebei Clapper Opera, and other tradition". The program was funded by the Beijing Culture and Arts Foundation and hosted by Beijing Internet Cultural Association. The program invited many acting stars such as Jing Bai, an outstanding young actress of Beijing Peking Opera Theatre, Guoliang Yuan, a national first-class performer and a senior actor of the Kunqu, Luyang Sun, an actor of Ping Opera, Xiaoxuan Dou, an outstanding young actress of Beijing Peking Opera Theatre. Through the live broadcast, viewers can communicate with these actors, interact at a close distance and appreciate the charm of traditional culture.

In the future, in addition to traditional operas, Showself Entertainment will launch a series of live broadcasts of cultural heritage, providing a new stage for many “Folk Master” to demonstrate the skills and realize their dreams. And it also conveyed traditional culture and aesthetic interest to young people.

“Live + Life”: Building New Style of Art Mainstream

Today, technology is no longer a threshold and high-quality entertainment ultimately relies on differentiated content. Showself Live focuses on copyright cooperation and high-quality IP production with diversification. Anyone can now show themselves on the live show anytime and anywhere; showing their truest color and talents. Live broadcast aims to become a lifestyle and a mainstream culture of young people.

This year, Showself Live launched a series of activities called "I am an Ambassador for My Hometown ". The live broadcast exposes viewers from a local perspective and leads the audience to understand the charm of different cities. It conveys positive energy; bringing more enlightenment to the empowerment of the live platform and the implementation of the social mission.

In addition to combining life scenes and cultivating the linkage between hosts and brand owners, Showself is currently building a platform to create a high-quality atmosphere that is convenient for the public to go from spiritual entertainment to quality life, such as live broadcast + poverty alleviation/county, live + food, live broadcast + technology, Live + sports, live + festivals.

Showself Entertainment has always advocated and adhered to the concept of a healthy and self-disciplined industry. No matter how the external environment changes, we will not forget the original heart and continue to maintain the characteristics of “green live broadcast”. In the future, “Showself Entertainment” will continue to adhere to the concept of green healthy development and “differentiation” development strategy, intensively work in the field of mobile video, deep integration of online and offline, virtual and reality, and to achieve entertainment O2O closed loop. While expanding the domestic market, it actively responded to the call of the “13th Five-Year Plan” for “going out of the enterprise”, laid out overseas markets, delivered Chinese voice to the world, and demonstrated China's strength.