Scienjoy Launched "I Speak for My Hometown"; Warmhearted Interaction to Pass Positive Energy

Published on : 23 April 2018

Recently, Scienjoy launched “I am an ambassador for my hometown”. The host and users in the platform recorded their hometown traits by video, pictures and texts, expressed their feelings about their hometown, and viewers elected the most distinctive cities by voting. They are aired by the company’s platforms including Showself, Lehai TV, and Haixiu TV with its cooperated platforms, Hongle TV and Beeshow TV.

China's long history has produced a profound culture. Everyone's hometown not only has beautiful natural scenery but also has unique customs and historical stories. Scienjoy is showing the great scenery hometowns and the spirit of the people's prosperity. During the event, many users not only introduced the scenery, products, and specialties of their hometowns but also displayed the cultural heritages such as social customs and traditional handicrafts in their hometowns; triggering high-frequency interaction.

The "I am an ambassador for my hometown" activity is another effort from Scienjoy to spread positive energy on the network. According to the person in charge of Scienjoy, Scienjoy will open a new model of “live +” quality content in 2018, aiming to promote positive energy and deliver warmth and strength, the new modes are; live broadcast + non-legacy, live broadcast + sports, live broadcast + poverty alleviation, live broadcast + County, live + festivals, etc. This time, "I am an ambassador for my hometown" activity, combined with the influence of the host and the platform advantage, let more people to appreciate the cultural scenes and beauty of many different places.

Scienjoy has always fulfilled its platform responsibility and is an advocate of the green live broadcast platform. It provides excellent online performances that are healthy, down-to-earth, and beneficial to the promotion of socialist core values. In addition to "I am an ambassador for my hometown, Scienjoy also spread positive energy in the form of traditional opera. Scienjoy actively improves the content quality and helps enrich the cultural connotation.