Fusion Entrepreneurship and Sharing Future: Showself Entertainment’s Contribution to the Public Welfare

Published on : 15 May 2018

On 2018/5/14, "Fusion Entrepreneurship and Sharing Future" - "Scienjoy Cup" Beijing Youth Fusion Entrepreneurship Competition was started. This competition was held by the Beijing Disabled Persons' Association and the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Education Commission, and the Communist Youth League Committee. The leaders of the Beijing Disabled Persons' Association and the Beijing Welfare Foundation for Disabled Persons attended the event. The five live broadcast platforms of Showself Entertainment live-broadcasted the event; allowing audiences to experience the event.

"Fusion Entrepreneurship and Sharing Future" - "Scienjoy Cup" Beijing Youth Fusion Entrepreneurship Competition is a big event of entrepreneurial innovation activities for special-needs youth in the city. It is also a new attempt to promote the employment of the disabled. At the launching ceremony, the Beijing Welfare Foundation for Disabled Persons explained about the preparations of the competition. The organizer also formally appointed expert judges and representatives of the entrepreneurial team instructors to judge and assists the contestants. Concurrently, the judges, organizers, and audience put high expectations on the contestants.

This Fusion Entrepreneurship Competition is another effort to help youths in the special needs community. Huimin Wang, vice president of marketing of Showself Entertainment, expressed her gratitude to leaders and staff of the sponsor organization and her best wishes to the contestants. She hoped that all participants can show off their potential and develop it through the competition. She also elaborated on the meaning of “Live +” in Showself Entertainment; saying that Showself will fully deploy “Live +” to bring continuous positive energy to society.

For many years, Showself Entertainment has been adhering to the concept of public welfare while parallelly pursuing development. It is not only a practitioner of green live broadcast but also a practical practitioner of public welfare. As early as 2016, Showself Entertainment and Beijing Welfare Foundation for Disabled Persons set up a special fund called "Scienjoy - Listening to the voice of the world", aimed at helping children with an impaired hearing with rehabilitation and training. In addition, the fund also concerned the employment, life, and education of these hearing-impaired children. Showself has taken continuous practical actions to help the development of public welfare for the special needs community. At present, Showself Entertainment has launched a series of special live broadcasts about public welfare such as “Fusion of the disabled and the healthy, Realization of China Dream – the Special Performance of Hero Guangzhu Shi”,“‘Showself: Come on, Champion!’ Paralympic Spirits into the Community”.

The competition will last for 5 months. After the registration, it will be divided into three stages: preliminary, rematch, and final. The competition was organized under the value of open, justice and fairness. It invited many well-known investors, entrepreneurs and socially aware people from the industry to participate. Showself Entertainment will participate in this entrepreneurship activity, actively take social responsibility, and help the public welfare in the capital.