Showself Entertainment Take You to Understand LNG Transports and Showed the Power Science and Technology with A Livestream

Published on : 09 July 2018

The third live broadcast of the "Hello, New Era!" took place on July 9th, 2019. The series was sponsored by the Mobile Network Administration of CAC (Cyberspace Administration of China), Showself Entertainment and The host led viewers to appreciate the advancement in technology; namely in the form of LNG transport called " Pan-Europe".


Experts stated that LNG transports are promising.

Guangzhi Shi, the deputy manager of LNG Transport Company of CNOOC Energy Development Co, Ltd along with experts in technological field spoke during the live broadcast. They thoroughly explained the technology in the LNG field; whose size is comparable to an aircraft carrier. Guangzhi Shi did his part of the stream from the main deck. 

There are four ships in the Curtis project. The “Pan-Europe” is the third ship of the Curtis project; preceding "Pan-America" and "Pan-Asia". The route that will be sailed by "Pan-Europe" starts at Changxi Island pier, going along in the maritime silk road until it reaches its destination in Australia. "Pan-Europe" can transport up to 1.5 million tons of clean energy annually. This capacity strongly supports China's energy strategy implementation. The aim of the strategy is to essentially make China's skies back to its original blue hue. 


Exiting the main deck, Guangzhi Shi lead the host along with viewers to see the "Big Mac"; which has a length of 290 meters, a width of 46.95 meters, a depth of 26.25 meters and the design tonnage of 82.5 thousand tons. The total capacity of the "Big Mac" is around 174 thousand cubic meters. The LNG allows vaporization, making it to expand 600 times from its original size; reaching a volume of 107 million cubic meters. LNG carried by "Pan-Europe" is available for one-year use of 600 thousand citizens.

Independent innovation. Technology supports Economic development.

Relevant technological experts explained the technical equipment on board to the viewers. The “Pan-Europe” has utilized the latest scientific and technological advances in the Chinese shipbuilding industry. LNG transport is extremely prestigious in shipbuilding technology. The LNG carrier is known as “the crown of the pearl” of the world’s shipbuilding. Only a few developed countries have the capabilities. Through continuous practice and exploration, CNOOC has the ability to independently manage LNG ships.

Viewers were very curious about what comes after the ship was built. Experts explained energy produced by LNG is large in heat value, provides high performance, and produces low pollution. These are some core aspects for China to achieve the goal of “Make our skies blue again” initiative. CNOOC, the third-largest marine oil traders in the world and the largest in China, has the necessary official requirement to ensure the LNG can be transported by their ships. LNG can reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and soot; playing an important role in controlling haze, and strongly support low carbon and green development of the economy in China.


Showself Entertainment has always been committed to providing high-quality live content. This live broadcast of "Pan-Europe" receives praise from viewers. They said that they can get a sense of achievement in science and technology of China. According to the statistics, there were millions watching the live broadcast on five live broadcast platforms of Showself Entertainment.

Showself Entertainment will continue to take its social responsibilities as always; spreading positive content and constantly show good times to viewers!