Showself Entertainment Showed The “Finger Painting” And the Charm Of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Published on : 13 July 2018

On July 31st, a series of live streams “Hello, New China-Show the cultural treasure and build confidence” organized by Mobile Management Bureau, Showself Entertainment, and visited Emei mountain to present a show of “Finger painting”.


Fingertip technique "dance" on the painting

Instead of using brushes, “Finger painting” mainly uses fingers and palms to draw. From heart to hand; it is unique and special. It is a specific kind of Chinese traditional painting and a treasure of Chinese folk art.

In China, few people are engaged in the creation of "Finger painting". As a successor of "Emei mountain finger painting" and a master of Sichuan folk art, Lin Xuxu introduced the origin, development and painting technique of "finger painting" in the live stream to audiences. He also displayed the painting process of "finger painting" on the spot.


Linxu studied Chinese painting from Qi Liangchi, the son of Qi Baishi, Wu Yifeng, inheritor of Huang Binhong, Huang Chunyao and Cen Xuecong, inheritor of Xu Beihong, and Wu Xiaojie, inheritor of Shilu. His "Finger painting" was rated as the most distinguished cultural heritage of Sichuan province.

Where is “Finger painting” originated from? Lin Xu explained in the live stream, "Finger painting" is one of the earliest paintings. In ancient times, our ancestors used their fingers dipped in colored minerals or animal blood to paint on their bodies and rocks which can be seen as the earliest “Finger painting”. It brought art to humans and open the door of aesthetic to them.


Live interaction helps the inheritance of intangible culture

During the interaction, some of the audience asked: “ What’s finger painting’s characteristics and can we learn that from you?” Linxu replied that all finger paintings are putting emphasis on lines and outlines of objects by light ink or color. It is not common to have works with "full ink" and "full color" (traditional Chinese painting style). However, his paintings integrate "full ink” with “full color" together. Meanwhile, Lin Xu said that the inheritance of "finger painting" is not promising and he was worried about it. However, he was happy to know that many people in the live stream are interested to learn about it.  He encouraged both children and adults to join the “Finger painting” class and contribute to the protection of this cultural heritage.

Showself Entertainment persists to put high-quality content. According to statistics, a new series of live streams “Hello, New China-Show the cultural treasure and build confidence” has attracted more than one million viewers. It will make full efforts to build a “live stream-culture” platform continuously and enable more people to enjoy the gorgeous traditional culture and participate in the inheritance of intangible culture.