Hongle Live Subordinated to Showself Entertainment Organized A Public Activity to Make Calls for Taking The Care Of Left-Behind Children

Published on : 22 June 2018

On 2018/6/22, Hongle Live, a subsidiary of Showself Entertainment formally cooperated with Beijing Huangheyuan Public Foundation. They participated in "Little Cloud"; a companionship program that was launched by the foundation. It also organized the "Love Angel" activities; aimed to help children who were left abandoned and uncared for.


The Beijing Huangheyuan Public Welfare Foundation is a charity registered in the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. The foundation aims to build a public welfare communication platform with innovative ideas on the purpose of “Spread charity ideas, promote charity culture, and serve charity”. It also incubated more “Public Welfare+” projects gathered various resources from different sectors of the society, and launched a series of public welfare activities online and offline. They actively work in poverty alleviation, quality education, medical care improvement, pensions, environmental protection, public health and safety and so on. They do so to ensure that society can run healthily.


"Little Cloud" is one of them. The concept of "Public Welfare + Technology" covers 20 cities offline every year to carry out public welfare activities. It is estimated that 100,000 intelligent companion robots will be donated each year to help children that were left uncared for. Hongle Live participated in this program, in the hope to spread love and warmth to abandoned children through the program.


As an Internet entertainment company, Showself Entertainment always insists on exerting its contribution in public welfare, actively participates in social welfare activities, and advocates it in live broadcast platform; aimed to spread positive messages. As a subsidiary live broadcast platform, Hongle Live will always regard Scienjoy core values, actively explore the new model of “Internet + Public Welfare”, build an Internet platform of public welfare, and strengthen public welfare awareness on and off the Internet. Through this cooperation with the Beijing Huangheyuan Charity Foundation, both viewers and hosts can interact with these children and hence spreading positive energy to the society. In the future, Hongle Live will continue to champion in public welfare activities.