Showself Entertainment Is A Pioneer to Help the Spread of Artificial Intelligence

Published on : 15 August 2018

Since the 21st century, the theory and technology of artificial intelligence have developed steadily and it has been widely utilized in our daily life. The phrase "technology changes life" is true. It can be ensured that the future technology will heavily gravitate to artificial intelligence. Showself Entertainment will leverage and use the technology to its advantage.

The 2018 world robot exhibition held in Beijing from August 15th to August 19th provided an excellent stage for the latest cutting-edge technology to be shown to the public. A series of live streams “Hello, New China-Show technology and national brand” organized by Showself Entertainment and feeds off audience’s curiosity about the matter. 

There are more than 1 million audiences tuning in to the live stream through five online platforms including Showself, LehaiTv, HaixiuTv, HongleTv, and Beeshow. By its new form of communication, Showself Entertainment presented a brilliant show of artificial intelligence to audiences.


Showself Entertainment promotes the adoption of artificial intelligence

Showself Entertainment has done far more than the promotion and spread of artificial intelligence. It is reported that Showself Entertainment has driven its own business through technology development for a long time. For example, the anti-spam message system has been used on each platform under Showself Entertainment. It has been optimized and updated constantly with the change of junk content to provide a green online environment. It established a content monitor system based on image identification.

In January 2018, Showself Entertainment's invention “Technology of data monitor in the new media industry” won the 2017 innovation award in the online live stream industry. Moreover, its products with artificial intelligence functions such as intelligent beauty functions, AR gift systems, AR special effects system and so on are all applied to the platform and make the content more interesting.


Live stream + technology, Showself Entertainment has its potential to do more

Additionally, Showself Entertainment can be seen as a leader in the field of the mobile live stream. It strives to leverage the advantage of artificial intelligence in this area and be more interactive with audiences. At the same time, they are also exploring the combination of live stream with various vertical fields actively, such as live stream + education, live stream + health, live stream + tourism, live stream + games, etc. In these fields, artificial intelligence can be completely added. It can be imagined that users can have immersive experience by the live stream. They can experience the real scenes without leaving home and interact with the host.

There is no doubt that Showself Entertainment will be benefited from the growth and adoption of artificial intelligence soon. Its live stream innovation and operation will help the company achieve success in the competition and gain a large number of users.