Showself Entertainment Lead You to The World Robot Exhibition to Experience Cutting-edge Technology

Published on : 16 August 2018

On August 16th, a series of live streams called “Hello, New China-Show the cultural treasure and build confidence” organized by Mobile Management Bureau, Showself Entertainment, and went to the 2018 Robot Exhibition; enabling audiences to have a close contact with the brilliant robotic technology and other cutting-edge technology.


In recent years, artificial intelligence has received more and more attention and utilization. Last year, the development of the new artificial intelligence has become the first priority of the government strategy. The robots can show major achievements of artificial intelligence in many fields which enable more people to understand it comprehensively. The world robot exhibition is a great event in robotics and a great opportunity to learn about artificial intelligence.

The exhibition was held in Beijing from August 15th to August 19th. According to Liang Liang, the director of the exhibition and deputy secretary-general of The Chinese Institute of Electronics, the exhibition consisted of the industrial robots, service robots, special robots, and artificial intelligence. It invited some famous enterprises, colleges, universities, and scientific research institutions to display their cutting-edge results and products in the robotics area. It built an international information exchange platform for people in this area. Liang Liang hoped audiences can have an enjoyable day through the live stream. Millions of audiences watched it on Showself Entertainment’s online platforms. There are robot who is making latte, robot who can fly, fireman robot, and milk tea sales robot; exciting the viewers.


In the industrial robot area, we saw the customized production line of automatic robot. The robot equipped with the sensor system could carry out the process of mixing ingredients, detection and assembling components smoothly according to the order. The products were exquisite and beautiful. Different from children's robots, service robots do not know English, Math, children's songs or stories, but they do know about opera, books and knowledge of health maintenance. It can interact with the elderly through voice, expression, touch and other ways, and also remind them to take medicine and do exercise. It has a special function which can prevent the elderly from falling down. Some people commented it as a must-have robot at home after one retired.

In the robot fighting field, viewers can see the robots boxing on the stage were controlled by players. They avoided each other quickly and found new opportunities to attack. The two robots hit each other's sensor position repeatedly, and each time they were hit, they would drop a blood point. When the blood dropped to a certain degree, the robot's arm would fall off, and the winner would be determined when one of the blood slots was empty. The audiences shouted "wonderful"!


Due to the location limitation, many of the audience could not come to the venue to see it in person, but the live broadcast allowed them to witness the wonderful exhibition. Five live stream platforms including Showself, LehaiTv, HaixiuTv, HongleTv, and Beeshow owned by Showself Entertainment bring the charm of technology to massive audiences and offer high-quality content to them by different distribution channels. It is understood that Showself Entertainment will continue its development in science and technology, culture, adhere in the future to the positive energy content output; bringing more excitement for users!