Showself Entertainment Went to Changzhou Paint Academy and Showed the Mystery Of Environmental Paint

Published on : 17 August 2018

On August 17th, a large series of live streams called “Hello, New China - Show the cutting-edge technology and the power of China” organized by Mobile Management Bureau, Showself Entertainment, and visited Changzhou paint academy and invited several experts to introduce the mystery of the environmental paint to audiences.


Changzhou Zhonghaiyou paint academy was established in 1969 in Lanzhou, moved to Jiangsu Changzhou in 1987 and finally joined Zhonghaiyou in 2006. It is a technology-driven company which integrated scientific research development, service, and manufacturing; playing a vital role in the development of China’s paint industry.

During the live stream, we learned that China's paint industry has developed rapidly in the recent 20 years and become the first in the world. However, there are also some serious issues such as the unreasonable product structure and the unstable development process. Through the efforts of several generations, there are now 317 national regulations and 144 industrial regulations for the paint industry today; totaling to 461 regulations.


Environmental paint improves the quality of life

With the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing awareness of environment protection, people pay more attention to the raw material of daily life products which should be environmentally-friendly. The top 2 topics are the coating of the interior wall and the coating of wood furniture. During the live stream, many audiences are confused about what kind of environmental paint they should choose at home? Does the interior wall paint contain formaldehyde? Therefore, the expert gave answers in the live stream. He explained that water emulsion type architectural coating is the most environmentally-friendly; containing less than 3% solvent. Moreover, there are fewer solvents in the interior wall paint today and no volatile or other organic solvents (such as formaldehyde) present inside.


There are more than 1 million audiences participated in the live stream through five online platforms including Showself, LehaiTv, HaixiuTv, HongleTv, and Beeshow. It is understood that the objective of Showself Entertainment is to consistently deliver positive energy to audiences and make content in line with aesthetic and value needs.