Showself Entertainment Launched The "Splendid China" Fashion Show, A Live Visual Event

Published on : 06 June 2018

The "Splendid China" Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Fashion Show Series was officially launched yesterday in Prince Gong's Mansion History Museum. Showself Live, subordinated to Showself Entertainment, broadcasted the event life; enabling people from all over the country to watch the show. "Splendid China" fashion show will be live from June 4th to June 9th on broadcast room is 7080410. On those dates, the audience can appreciate the beauty of a combination of Chinese traditional costumes and its modern take.

Revitalizing the traditional craft to pass on the "Inheritance Spirit"

It is reported that Prince Gong's Mansion Museum launched the "2018 Splendid China - China Intangible Cultural Heritage Fashion Show" with the support of the department of intangible cultural heritage, ministry of tourism and culture. The series was a collaboration with China Textile Industry Association, Beijing Clothing College and the Institute of Central University of Nationalities.

The event combines a number of national intangible cultural heritages with modern fashion, presenting the exquisite craftsmanship of traditional culture and the whimsy creative design, and “wearing new clothes” for traditional crafts. It is an outstanding practice achievements of China's non-legacy protection work, and also a vivid case of revitalizing traditional crafts and transmitting the "spirit of Intangible Cultural Heritage".

Intangible Cultural Heritage fashion show brought creativity into the tradition.

The “Splendid China” fashion show is adopting the theme of China's cultural heritage. It showcased the modern take and coupling of modern fashion and traditional cultural products. The fashion show including “Embroidery with Art and Memory”, “White costumes”, “Clothes of the Yi Nationality”, all reflected the protection and development of China's cultural heritage. A number of universities and well-known fashion design teams from all over the country jointly took the stage and presented the creations; both showing China's cultural heritage and their own modern take on it


Showself Entertainment continues to applaud for the intangible cultural heritage.

Through this live broadcast, Showself Entertainment showcased a magnificent fashion show which has a rich cultural connotation behind it. Showself Entertainment will also concentrate on showcasing cultural heritage. It will continue to bring a variety of live content to the netizens covering the theme of protection and development of cultural heritage.