Prince Gong’s Mansion Hosted an "Intangible Cultural Heritage Fashion Show", and Showself Entertainment took a Live Broadcast Throughout the Linkage

Published on : 11 June 2018

From June 9th to June 4th, 2018, the “Splendid China - China Cultural Heritage Fashion Show", was launched in Prince Gong’s Mansion. The activity consisted of 11 fashion shows with the theme of Chinese cultural heritage. One of the shows was called "Cultural Heritage into Landscape". Showself Live; subordinate of Showself Entertainment, live-broadcasted the event; allowing the audience to enjoy a beautiful and creative "Chinese Fashion Show".

The Intangible Cultural Heritage Creative Show put the "fashion coat" on the traditional culture.

“Splendid China - China Cultural Heritage Fashion Show” is a cultural heritage activity; one of the activities consists of spinning and dyeing fabrics in Chinses style. During the event, 11 fashion shows of heritage clothing including “Embroidery with Art and Memory”, “White costumes”, “Clothes of the Yi Nationality”were broadcasted live on Showself platform. Numerous netizens had the chance to enjoy the fashion and cultural heritage show. Some of the heritage on display where Miaoxiu, batik, bright cloth, cross-stitch, hand embroidery, celadon, Beijing embroidery and grass linen, which combines with the modern clothes.

The event shows the traditional Chinese crafts through a fashion show which was broadcasted on Showself Entertainment. It helps spread the spirit of “Splendid China” to everybody’s life.

“Live broadcast + Intangible Cultural Heritage”, a new way to put out high-quality culture and content.

As a new form of communication developed in recent years, live broadcast has attracted widespread attention from the young generation. The combination of cultural heritage and live broadcast has made young people eager to learn more about it.

On Showself Live platform, the event attracted thousands of netizens. There were many comments such as "I believe the culture will be inherited continuously." "Let’s concern the protection of Chinese culture together." and other positive and supportive comments. The host of Showself Entertainment went into Prince Gong Mansion, interviewing designers and inheritors of cultural heritage. Through the live broadcast, the audience could appreciate the innovative clothing design of China's cultural heritage

According to a statement from the leader of Showself Entertainment, through the new pattern of “Live + Cultural Heritage”, the audience enjoyed the Chinese cultural heritage fashion show; a combination of culture and fashion. It enables them to understand more about culture. "We are very willing to this, and hope that more companies can participate in the spread and inheritance of our traditional culture."