Public Welfare Activity held by Showself Entertainment - Children's Day with Love Listening

Published on : 31 May 2018

Everyone’s a kid at heart and there is a special group of children in the heart of Showself Entertainment. On the Children's Day eve, Showself Entertainment cooperated with Beijing Foundation for Disabled Persons and visited the Beijing Chaoyang District Yangfan Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Centers. They organized an activity called "Colorful Children's Day and Colorful Childhood: Showself – Listening to the Voice of the World" for hearing-impaired children. Teachers, parents, and children got to spend an unforgettable Children's Day.

"Showself Listening to the World - Hearing-Aid program" is a result of a special fund that was set up by Showself and Beijing Foundation for Disabled Persons in November 2016. The aim of the fund was to cater to the needs of hearing-impaired children's rehabilitation. As a result, they will have the chance to listen to the voice of the world and chase their dreams. During the event, the kids performed elaborate dance and actively participated in interactive games. Childlike innocence infected everyone in the room. Laughter and applause erupted from time to time on the scene.

Showself Entertainment sent their best wishes to the children; wishing them a smooth recovery, healthy, happy and enjoyable childhood. Jun Cao, Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Foundation for Disabled Persons, praises Showself Entertainment for actively taking social responsibility and participating in public welfare. He also praised the work of the teachers of the Yangfan Center and hoped that the children would continue to thrive. The teachers of the Yangfan Center also expressed their gratitude to Showself Entertainment and the Beijing Foundation for Disabled Persons for their support at the speech session.

The toys, snacks, and children's books brought by Showself entertainment staff were very attractive to the children. They chose the one they liked the most. Their smiles are contagious for everyone in the room; everyone was happy and lively. Finally, the children also gave handicrafts made by themselves to the guests. The juvenile drawing skills are full of sincerity and the little gifts are full of gratitude.

Showself Entertainment will continue to contribute to the public welfare, help the hearing-impaired children, and enjoy the beauty of the world together with them!