Showself Entertainment brings the "Real Entertainment" into Everyone’s Life.

Published on : 01 February 2018

Nowadays, the post-80s generation has a stable life, the post-90s generation gradually makes up the biggest part of the society, and the 95s generation has begun their career. However, it still seems difficult to find the “Real Entertainment” which can satisfy our spiritual and emotional needs. So the question remains: although life is in order, what can give us real happiness for both our heart and soul?

In the beginning of 2018, "Have you finish the question today? " was probably the hottest topic between friends. It because that a "National Knowledge Quiz" program launched by various live broadcast platforms. If users of live broadcast answered the corresponding number of questions in the live broadcast, they can divide the corresponding bonuses sent by the platform. It allows the public to experience the long-lost real interaction and enjoy the fun. Through the extension of the live broadcast platform, learning and sharing of knowledge become more fun, and the knowledge paying, traditional skills, and entertainment culture are renewed with new vitality. This is a great start of entertainment.

Showself Entertainment makes entertainment "having affection and faith".

However, the entertainment we expected is far more than that. It is not difficult to get a glimpse through the popular " National Knowledge Quiz" that everyone's new definition of entertainment has become "having feelings and senses of participation and gain". Just like the saying of Sheng Hou, the CEO of the Beeshow Live which is subordinated to Showself, at the recent media meeting: Let the skills, games, information, knowledge and so on present by the live broadcast. And let the grassroots, opinion leaders, anchors, and Internet sensation interact through the live broadcast and infiltrating into various industries and various fields. Showself Entertainment is creating a live broadcast form with emotion, participation, and acquisition to let everyone enjoy the real entertainment.

Sheng Hou, the CEO of Beeshow Live, talked with the media.

The professional host casts a live broadcast platform with emotions and achieves the soft power of Showself Entertainment. It is not difficult to discover that in the live broadcast, whatever combined with any form of entertainment, anchors as the main factor of the emotional experience, will play a vital role in the users’ experience. When the anchor's literacy, talents, and even the knowledge structure get a new round of upgrades, it will play an important role in increasing the chances of “Love at first sight” between the platform users and anchors. Showself Entertainment has always insisted on the selection of high-quality talents and on being a porter with high-quality emotions.

Though the professionalism of professional anchor+ excellent emotional construction, Showself ensures that platform users have a better social experience in emotional experience. As an “Emotional Porter”, we provide a platform for users and hosts with social interaction and emotional companion.

"A Sense of Participation " infiltrated entertainment situation.

Nowadays, the sense of participation is not limited to pure game interaction. “Live+” will become the new key to open the window of the user's heart. Live+ games, travel, medical, learning, e-commerce, Internet of Things and other new ways of playing will be more embedded in the live broadcast and achieve a broader and more diverse content. Not only a sense of participation, but there is also the impact of online transplanting online. And more live elements and traditional industries will complement each other.

Media Dialogue

As the earliest platform cluster that advocated “Live broadcast needed the sense of participation.” Showself Entertainment is creating and deploying live broadcast scenes with more development potential. The live forms with high-quality, interaction and the sense of participation are constantly being born. In the future, elements such as crafts, games, information, and knowledge will become standard equipment for the live broadcast industry.

“The Sense of Gain” in the  entertainment

In the live broadcast, whether people gained materially or emotionally, even became thinking, Showself lets users have more sense of gain, which will become the mainstream. Showself Entertainment regularly launches different types entertainment activities, and encourages users to enjoy themselves through games or other interactive activities that helps them get a sense of gain.

In the opening of 2018, in the "National Knowledge Quiz", Showself believed that it is only the start of trying in the live broadcast industry. Users get the most direct and rapid feedback, which encouraged users to focus more on it. It is believed that the meaning of relaxation and enrichment of the user's spirit is far greater than that of a certain level of the material. And this is the focus of Showself Entertainment's attention and practice.

Minhui Wang, the Vice Marking President of Showself Entertainment, introduced on the scene.

Constantly explore the boundaries and strengthen the gameplay methods.

On the circumstance of more diversified social development, nowadays, society has not only stayed from “have” to “fine”, but has become more focused on “fine” to “all-around fine”. And society has become extremely fragile in the output of high-quality form and content, especially in the sense of experience and tolerance. Thus, high-quality content has become the user's criteria for judgment and “The voter of going or not”.

As a result, the industry also has strict requirements for high-quality content output. Therefore, sociologists and experts of the media discussed that: Live Entertainment industry, in the specific era such as the connection between Pan-entertainment and culture, activation of traditional culture and construction of new culture systems, should successfully accomplish their mission and take responsibility.

While focusing on users’ emotions, the sense of participation and gain, Showself Entertainment also emphasizes the development of cultural elements and puts it into the platform to launch a series of special activities around Chinese culture, traditional festivals and cultural events. Among them, the series of activity called "The beauty of the quintessence of Chinese culture" held by Showself Live, won numerous praise and become the example of industry to explore the combination form of the traditional culture and live broadcast.

The future has come, and will the new live broadcast that has come into your life, be far behind?

Through entertainment, live broadcast achieves users' all-round appeal, let users have a good emotional experience, a sense of participation and gain, and finally solve the pain point problem which directly hit the heart – happy problem. It realizes OMO (Online Merge Offline) and realizes comprehensive extension through " live +", making life and spiritual satisfaction so simple. The future has come, live broadcast, this catalyst that stimulates endogenous power and external evolution is accelerating integration.

The new live broadcast is emphasizing happiness, attitude, style, integration, and development is coming toward us!