"Improve the Social Morality by The Cohesion of Live Broadcast+": Showself Entertainment Talked with Media Salon About The Live Broadcast Trend Of The Post-Popular Era.

Published on : 26 March 2018

In 2017, the live broadcast industry experienced several shocks and a wave of uncertainties. In February 2018, many institutions doubted and attacked the live broadcast industry. During the NPC (National People's Congress), the deputies called for strengthening the supervision and eliminating the gray area of the live broadcast industry.

As a typical "Internet +" business, live broadcast has the characteristics of integration of multiple subjects. The essence of live broadcast is to let users connect with the scene in and communicate in real-time. It is a real and advancing experience. It is full of wonderful and touching stories, the laughter of the host and audience, and lively emotions. In 2018, the live broadcast industry experienced the golden age of live broadcast.

On March 22nd, Showself Entertainment attended the fourth media Sharon with the theme of " Improve the social morality by the cohesion of live broadcast+.", which was successfully held in Beijing. The Sharon invited News.cn, People.cn, CNTV.cn, Guangming.com, other central-level media, some experts from the live broadcast industry and marketing industry elites together to focus on green development, redefine the live broadcast ecology, and explore how to achieve effective integration of “ live +” forms and entertainment elements in the new era.

Do "Improve the social morality" and do not "Amusing Ourselves to Death"

The development process of the live broadcast industry experienced an abnormal period of vulgar content. The live broadcast industry then abandoned vulgar content and created a green, full of positive energy content. At present, the "Labor + AI " is becoming new supervision of the green development in the industry. It is known that Showself is the first one to introduce third-party image recognition in the live broadcast industry. It can identify sensitive information. AI finds irregularities with the shortest time through technical means and the intelligent system alarms to the labor. Showself Entertainment regards compliance development as the lifeline of platform development.

Only by creating more exciting content can we solve the problem completely and gain the long-term development of the platform. The live broadcast regards the host as the output of the content. Thus, the quality and training of the host are very important. The live broadcast platform introduced third-party cooperation organizations. It allowed the host to get good daily training and create better content; which becomes a new direction of the platform development. Only by effectively shouldering the main responsibility of content management and constant strengthening of the review mechanism of live content, can we take the lead playing the strongest voice of mainstream culture.

" Live +" advocates multi-development and the segment of vertical field may be a sally spot.

Live broadcast+ News, Education, Finance, E-commerce, and many other fields, have obvious advantages such as zero-distance interviews, breaking communication restrictions, and realizing the value of quality resources. Showself Entertainment also has unique views on the concept of “Live +” in the cognition of industry development. The person in charge of Showself Entertainment said: “Live +” and “Internet +” are essentially in the same market. “Live +” is a vertical field under the “Internet +” strategy. In the future, the combination such as live broadcast and tourism, e-commerce, games, sports, medical treatment, education, finance and so on, will make the live content broader and more varied.

Showself Entertainment will open a new style of the “Live +High-quality content” in 2018, aims to promote positive energy, warmth, and power, such as live+ intangible cultural heritage, live+ sports, live+ poverty alleviation, live+ county region, live+ festival...... It is worth mentioning that Showself Entertainment has launched the project called “I am the hometown endorsement.”, combining the influence of the anchor with the platform advantage of Showself Entertainment, so that more people can appreciate the beauty of humanity in China.

The above series of projects not only make segments vertical but also mainly launched real-time communication to share the interesting elements in a more diverse way and efficiently solve the problems in daily life. Whether you are long for happy or solving practical problems, will be resolved in the background of "Live +". And loneliness, anxiety, depression and other psychological counseling issues of the generation after the 90s and 00s, will also be expected to be solved.

Practice the promise with action, don't forget the original heart, the charity of Showself is in action

Green and healthy platform with high-quality and rich content is the cornerstone of the steady development of the live broadcast platform. Whether to take the corresponding social responsibility while building the brand is the real touchstone for testing a good enterprise. Showself Entertainment always do things practically, put an end to impetuousness, strictly adhere to the bottom line, and actively participated in public welfare. It cooperated with the Beijing Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation to launch a series of activities called "Saluting to Heroes", and opened the "Fusion of the disabled and the healthy, Realization of China Dream – the Special Performance of Hero Guangzhu Shi", pay tribute to the heroes such as Guangzhu Shi.

Beijing Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation and Showself jointly set up a "Scienjoy Listening to the Voice of the World" special fund, which has helped a number of hearing-impaired children with rehabilitation training. At present, the fund will also focus on employment, life, education and other fields of persons with disabilities. We took practical actions to help the development of helping the disabled in the capital. Besides, in response to the call of the Party Central Committee for “Precise poverty alleviation,” Showself Entertainment has helped the poverty alleviation program and launched a themed event with the combination of content and products in poverty-stricken areas. And give propaganda and support on the Internet, and put poverty alleviation into practice. Showself Entertainment has always insisted on practicing corporate responsibility and using live broadcast to convey feelings.

Imagine the "The beauty of the quintessence of Chinese culture" and promote the spread of traditional culture

Showself Entertainment mainly promoted “The beauty of the quintessence of Chinese culture,'' which makes entertainment “having affection and faith”. In November 2017, Showself entertainment launched series of culture live broadcasts about “The beauty of the quintessence of Chinese culture,'' which not only gain the heated extolling of the audience but also been recognized by the famous in the culture field who participated in the live broadcast. Besides, the event also reported by the " Topics in Focus".

National first-class actors, intangible cultural heritage inheritors, experts and scholars have appeared in the live broadcast. In addition to demonstrating skills, they also communicated with netizens in real-time. Compared to the traditional way of communication, the real-time interaction and fun of live broadcast break the traditional form and carrier of traditional culture and add more vitality and appeal. The traditional culture of "Far from the court" spring to life again.

When enough traditional cultural programs appear on the platform, it will attract more netizens who love traditional culture. And the audience will not only ask questions, reward but also turn to anchors to produce more high-quality content, which forms a virtuous circle. It will create an ecological circle of traditional culture, break the time and geographical restrictions of cultural communication, and turn ordinary netizens into a new force to spread traditional culture treasures through the platform. Showself Entertainment will adhere to the guidance of mainstream values ​​and better serve its users. In 2018, we will launch a live broadcast of intangible cultural heritage, let intangible cultural heritage skills exude a new charm of the era, convey Chinese traditional culture and aesthetic interest to young people, and contribute to the boom of Internet culture.

Through “Improve the social morality through live broadcast+”, Showself Entertainment will continue to deepen its differentiation strategy, enrich the platform's high-quality content. Also, in terms of technology, we will continue to optimize and providing users with a better experience. Regardless of the external environment, Showself Entertainment has not forgotten its initial intentions. As always, we maintain and continue the characteristics of the green live broadcast platform to provide healthy, lively and positive live broadcast content for the majority of users.