Scienjoy’s CEO Victor He The live show of the community

Published on : 28 December 2016

 “Showself” is one of the most popular live broadcast platforms. Currently, it has tens of thousands of online female hosts and can provide seven days and 24 hours of live service. In 2016, the download volume of Showself became the top-selling app in Android app stores in China. It has achieved great success in the live broadcast industry. In the field of the mobile live broadcast, which is popular and full of live star broadcast, how does Showself keep the increasing performance and won praise from the industry and users?

On the afternoon of December 28th, CICC (China Internet Culture Conference) •Internet Live Broadcast Industry Forum held in Beijing, the CEO of Showself, Victor delivered a speech with the theme of "Ordinary Persons' Live Broadcast." Showself focused on creating the "Ordinary Persons' Live Broadcast." It was deeply involved in the differentiation strategy, dedicated to serve the society. It provided content with much social and ideological value, and encouraged users to tap the potential of content creation.

Showself is a featured app of Scienjoy (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd., which was launched in 2012 which started as a mobile social entertainment app. In 2014, it officially launched the live mobile app "Showself Live" and later renamed "Showself," focusing on serving the ordinary people and helping them realize their idol dreams.

Realize the idol dream of ordinary people

Victor He believes that live broadcasts can satisfy the self-realization of some users, making ordinary people realize idol dreams through live broadcasts. Showself is willing to provide everyone a stage and help them to expose themselves

Currently, people's understanding of live broadcast and the acceptance of the live broadcast by society have greatly improved. More people are willing to share and participate in the live broadcast. There are tens of thousands of online female hosts on Showself. The technology of Showself allowed users to communicate with the host in real-time. Showself both brings entertainment and more self-realization to users and build up social interaction.

In order to accelerate the further spread of content and attract more users, Showself set up the development strategy of "the most recreational social stage". It includes the expansion of beauty hosts, friends, variety shows, entertainment artists, cross talks, etc. It is an attractive ecosystem of hosts and users under the big data, which is built to help us be more efficient and refined operations. For example, in the audition for "The Voice of China," Showself became the Internet cooperation of "The Voice of China" Fujian Division to showcase the competition in Fujian. This year Showself sponsored the "Super Idol" program of Anhui TV and became the unique APP of the second season…

Victor He believed that by creating unique content, we could catch the concern of silent users, and activate them to achieve the effect of group carnival.

Establish a perfect supervision system of contents

During the speech, he emphasized that an ideal supervision system of materials is the foundation of the survival and development of live broadcast enterprises.

2016 is an important year of development in live broadcast, and it is also a year of strict supervision by relevant government departments. Relevant departments intensively introduced regulations: In September, SARFT reiterated that online variety show and live broadcast should comply with applicable regulations. In November, the Cyberspace Administration of China issued the "Regulations on the Administration of Internet Live Broadcast Services." In December, the Ministry of Culture issued "Regulations on Administration of Internet Performance Activities". Showself strictly abided by national laws and regulations and related policies, and advocated industry self-discipline, controlled the security of content, and made the entire industry healthy and orderly development. Victor He said, "Showself is the implementer and defender of the green live broadcast platform."

Involved in public welfare

He said that Showself is not only a platform for the host to show the beauty and talent but also a practitioner of public welfare.

At the same time of development, Showself has always been committed to public welfare with a modest attitude and unobtrusive personality. This year, together with Beijing Foundation for Disabled Persons, we launched the special fund "Scienjoy Listening to the Voice of the World." It has funded the deaf-mute children to give them the chance to hear the voice of the world and realize their dreams.