Scienjoy on the Nasdaq screen of New York Times Square

Published on : 01 January 2017

With the development of the new economy and the deepening of reforms, China's economy has shown essential characteristics such as speed change, structural optimization, and power conversion. With President Xi's frequent visits to different countries with many entrepreneurs, the FTAs of China-Australia, China-South Korea signed, as well as the construction of FTZs in many provinces. Chinese enterprises will face competition and opportunities from all over the world. During the "13th Five-Year Plan," China's market will no longer be confined to one place and will embrace the arrival of more global enterprises. Similarly, it is imperative for domestic enterprises to "Going Global" to expand the international market.

The future global competition must be the competition of the brand. More  Chinese companies pay more attention to the dynamic power of the brand when adjusting the development strategy. Branding is the key to stand out when companies participate in broader and more intense market competition. Developing independent brands and increasing added value is the only way for Chinese enterprises to transform and upgrade.

In order to actively implement the spirit of strengthening China's brand building and to meet the strong demand of Chinese enterprises for the establishment of a reliable, professional, in-depth and sustainable brand promotion platform. As the critical national news media managed by The State Council Information Office, the China Internet Information Center, China Brand Leader Union, and other relevant institutions jointly launched the "China Brand Innovation and Development Project" in March 2015.

The "China Brand Innovation and Development Project" selected enterprises nationwide and then through brand publicity, brand interviews, brand release, brand specials, brand communication, and other forms. This has enhanced the promotion and innovation capabilities of Chinese brand enterprises and competitiveness at home and abroad.

And the large screen on the tower of the NASDAQ in New York's Times Square, which is located in the "Global Crossroads," represents success and wealth. Thus, millions of Chinese companies are eager to board this extraordinary "The First Screen in the World" to be closer to the top of the world. For millions of Chinese entrepreneurs, the large screen of NASDAQ not only means the increase of brand awareness, an enormous opportunity of financing, but also a symbol of going global and success.

As a selected enterprise of "China Brand Innovation and Development Project," Scienjoy (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. has landed on the large screen of NASDAQ in Times Square, New York, USA, and displayed its brand image.

"Showself Entertainment" was unveiled at the Nasdaq Advertising Screen in Times Square, New York, USA, to showcase the image of Chinese companies to the world. "Showself Entertainment" is the entertainment sector of Scienjoy (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. and owns "Showself," "Lehai TV," "Haixiu TV" and "Hongle TV." Standing on the world stage and passing on the Chinese voice to the world, not only conform to the development trend of the "Chinese Enterprises Going Global" in the 13th Five-Year Plan, but also showed the power of Chinese enterprises.

Scienjoy is a high-tech company dedicated to innovation and R&D in the field of

"Internet+." Based in China, it aims to build a healthy, active, and positive online platform and to provide high-quality Internet entertainment products and services to users all over the world. "Showself Entertainment" sector has "Showself," "Lehai TV", "Haixiu TV" and "Hongle TV" to support each other, form a product portfolio matrix, develop rapidly in the live industry, and support "Showself Entertainment" brand.

"Showself" as the featured products of "Showself Entertainment" provides real-time live video service, is a leading global mobile Internet reality show, and a fashion Beauty interactive platform. Since launched in June 2014, Showself has been popular among users, and the download volume in domestic mobile phone stores remains high. In 2016, the download volume of Showself became the top in the Android app stores in China, and it has achieved great success in the live broadcast industry.

While developing Showself Entertainment, Scienjoy strictly abides by relevant national laws and regulations and advocates self-discipline in the industry. It is the implementer and defender of the green live broadcast platform. In addition, Scienjoy actively participates in public welfare. In November 2016, Scienjoy cooperated with Beijing Foundation for Disabled Persons to set up a special fund "Scienjoy Listening to the Voice of the World." In which it focused on the charity of the disabled and promoted positive social energy. Passing love by small actions, Showself Entertainment is not only an entertainment platform but also a practitioner of public welfare.