Scienjoy: work together to overcome difficulties and pursue development

Published on : 24 February 2020

Scienjoy fulfilled its social responsibility to fight against the epidemic and maintain its business.

It set up a special module in its App to spread the epidemic information, explored new method of fitness via live broadcast, launched initiatives to help affected people, and raised more than RMB 1.1 million.

As a company that has been working in the field of mobile video live broadcast for many years, Scienjoy sets up such platforms such as Showself Live, Lehai TV and Haixiu TV and formed strategic cooperation with such platforms as Hongle TV and Beeshow. In addition, it actively explored its business along the upstream and downstream of the industry, such as building the OMO ecosystem, which is well recognized by our clients due to its reputation.

Scienjoy sees the advent of 2020 as the start of a splendid decade when Scienjoy can move forward and live up to expectations. However, the unexpected arrivial of COVID-19 epidemic hit the business and posed a challenge to our development.

Under the shadow of the epidemic, people's former habits of living and consumption have been disrupted. "Staying at home" has impacted many industries. In this context, how to maximize the capacity, how to form strong cohesion, and how to find "opportunity" in the "crisis" are the key questions for an enterprise that wants to recover faster and develop better after the epidemic. In order to overcome difficulties, ensure the user experience, and protect the interests of partners, Scienjoy embraces digitalization.


"Stay at home" unleashes the potential of mobile Internet

During the epidemic period, it is believed that China's mobile Internet and Internet applications have involved a wider range of people. It is reported that people in all cities have enough time (perhaps more than 10 hours) to use various mobile Internet products every day.

Based on its technology, content and industry eco-system, Scienjoy actively transfers this crisis into opportunity. In terms of technology, Scienjoy embraces 5G technology and actively explores how artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality are applied in live broadcasting, so as to provide better user experience. In terms of content, Scienjoy actively introduces high-quality content to satisfy user demand for diversified and refined content. Home fitness live broadcast and Cloud theater are 2 typical examples of good content introduction. In terms of industry ecosystem, Scienjoy promotes the construction of the OMO ecosystem and explores the combination of online and offline scenes so as to create greater value for partners and users.


Loyal to our duty and take efforts to protect the business from multiple aspects

In order to meet the entertainment needs of users during this special period, Scienjoy actively explores new live modes, such as Fitness at home, Online disco and Cloud theater, and strives to look for high-quality partners.

Scienjoy also promotes business digitalization, which includes host family settlement, online interview, customized service and online activity organization, in order to effectively satisfy the needs of users and partners. Moreover, digitalization is also helpful in organizing learning activities, performance reviews and team culture development. In order to respond to the demands raised by users in time, our team takes efforts to answer questions and provide technical support 24 hours a day and guarantee the continuous production of high-quality content for users.

This epidemic has a great impact on Scienjoy. However, compared with our own losses, we are more concerned about the partners affected by the epidemic. In order to protect the interests of partners, we have already discussed with our partners about their business operation and adjustment. In addition, we have increased the frequency of daily communication with partners, understood current challenges they are facing, provided management and financial assistance, enhanced their confidence, and helped them overcome difficulties.


Take responsibility and adopt multiple measures to strengthen confidence

In order to help users and partners better understand the epidemic situation, each of Scienjoy’s live broadcast platforms has set up a special module "Fight the epidemic together" in its app. In this module, there are articles written by the platform staff, knowledge related to epidemic prevention provided by authoritative departments and message boards that lets users express their concern and blessings to friends in the epidemic areas. Since the launch of this module, it has been welcomed by the majority of users.

In addition, the column of "First-line news of Wuhan" jointly set up by various platforms and GMW.CN also conveys positive news and helps to enhance readers’ confidence in fighting the epidemic.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, Scienjoy has donated RMB 1 million to Wuhan to purchase and transport urgently needed materials and provide necessary help for the front-line medical staff. At the same time, we launched the initiative of "help each other to fight the epidemic" internally. This initiative obtained the support from partners of various platforms and helped to raise more than RMB 100,000 yuan in one day. The host families in Hubei also expressed their gratitude to the company. The donation has been remitted to Wuhan Charity Federation on 31st January.

The epidemic prevention and control has reached a critical phase. We believe that we will overcome the difficulties and accept the success together with our partners and users.