Combining thoughts and actions, Scienjoy demonstrates strength in fighting the epidemic, stabilizing the business

Published on : 18 February 2020

The coronavirus came unexpectedly at the beginning of 2020, which challenged the company’s production and people’s life.

The severe situation of epidemic and the urgent need for normal operations impose a test to all the staff of Scienjoy. With the enough confidence, we take practical actions.



Our staff were supposed to stay with their families and have a long time to relax during the Spring Festival holiday. However, facing the epidemic, colleagues from the operations, customer service and maintenance departments stick to their posts to ensure the business operation during the holiday. Several colleagues who are concerned about the business even terminated their holiday in advance.

So far, with the joint efforts of staff, Scienjoy effectively managed the epidemic.

Because of the epidemic, the atmosphere of this Spring Festival is very different from that of previous years. Because of Scienjoy’s staff, our business during this Spring Festival has made steady progress. The memory of the Spring Festival of 2020 was created by the endeavor of our staff.



After the outbreak of epidemic, our management team attached great importance and instructed all employees to undertake personal protection, initiated emergency response mechanisms, and constantly updated policies according to the epidemic situation. In addition, we record the physical situation of each staff, which shows the responsibility our management took for our staff.

Our staff helped each other, shared epidemic prevention materials, carried out protective operations, cared about each other's health and organized rich online entertainment activities to enhance happiness and confidence, which reflects the responsibility taken by our staff.

Scienjoy is concerned about the area affected by the epidemic and has donated RMB 1 million to Wuhan to purchase and transport urgently needed materials and provided necessary help for the front-line medical staff. Meanwhile, we have launched the initiative of "Help each other to fight the epidemic" internally, which has obtained active responses from our staff.



The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has isolated colleagues geographically and impacted the existing working mode, which poses an unprecedented challenge for us. However, our staff are not discouraged. Instead, they do their own work with strong confidence and actively adjust the existing work mode and strengthen online communication, which make the organizational structure flatter, make members more closely connected, and further deepen their trust.

Through these adjustments, our staff work together under the highly decentralized situation, and guarantee the normal business operation. Our management team also use this opportunity to take a solid step for the future development.

Depending on new media channels such as Showself, Lehai TV and Haixiu TV of Scienjoy,  the strategic cooperation platforms Hongle TV and Beeshow, public accounts, micro-blog, etc., Scienoy produces diverse contents for its partners and users, releases applicable and timely knowledge for epidemic prevention, sets up message boards to let everyone express their concern for friends and explores live broadcasts for home fitness. Several platforms worked with GMW.CN to set up the platform with the theme of "First-line news of Wuhan" and showed respect to medical staff.



Effective work from home and without supervision requires staff consciousness. It has proved that our staff do not slack off and work hard to ensure the smooth operation of the business, just like working in the workplace.

Work from home may affect efficiency. However, our staff strictly obey the work discipline and show their professionalism.

In addition, the communication between departments has become more frequent and transparent, which greatly promotes the synergy effect of each business.



During the epidemic, the smooth business operation cannot be separated from the coordination of various departments. No matter which department our staff belong to, they are used to seeing their own work from the overall perspective and supporting the overall operation by doing a good job on the work at hand.


Our staff from product, R&D, maintenance, operations, activities, customer service and other departments cooperate closely to optimize the user experience and launch a series of popular activities. Business strategy department and promotion department analyze the promotion data as usual, control the quality of delivery, and obtain high-quality customers for each platform. The financial department ensures timely and safe circulation and use of funding and protects interests of partners. The public relations department, legal affairs department and marketing department actively cooperate with external resources.

In order to create a safe office environment and help staff focus on their work, staff from HR and administration department have made efforts to organize online activities for the Lantern Festival to bring joy to our staff.

What's more unforgettable is the colleagues who have come forward to help others when facing crisis. In order to ensure the quality of remote work, colleagues from the maintenance department, HR and administration department and promotion department actively understand the needs of each department, deliver equipment and solve problems. They go through the streets day after day and use love to make this winter warmer.



In order to ensure the user experience and protect the interests of our partners, Scienjoy regards the normal business operation as the top priority. During the epidemic period, all departments strive to ensure the smooth operation of the business so that the majority of users can have rich entertainment experience and partners can get more value.

Scienjoy has built the OMO ecosystem. Although the impact of the epidemic on Scienjoy is large, compared with our own losses, Scienjoy is more concerned about the partners affected by the epidemic. Recently, relevant departments have increased the frequency of daily communication with partners, understood the current challenges they are facing, offered help and invited them to work with us to overcome the difficulties.


The current epidemic can't scare or crush Scienjoy but instead make it stronger. We have confidence and capabilities to overcome the difficulties and embrace success with our users and partners.