Scienjoy Will Soon Launch Avatars to Accelerate Development of Livestreaming Metaverse

Published on : 08 September 2022

The metaverse is not only the next trend and direction of Internet development, but also a new high ground for global innovation and competition in the future. To echo the irreversible trend, Scienjoy, a leading live entertainment mobile streaming platform in China, has announced that it will soon launch avatars across its livestreaming platforms, leveraging digital human technology to foster more immersive experiences and scenarios for users.

At the end of 2021, Scienjoy unveiled its strategic plan to build the Livestreaming Metaverse, applying cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI, AR, VR, and big data to its livestreaming platforms to create comprehensive virtual worlds where users can choose to explore more diverse livestreaming scenarios.

Taking AI and VR technology as an example, Scienjoy has upgraded its traditional “Cute Face” technology, empowering users and streamers with greater freedom in avatar customization and promoting new living experiences in the virtual world. As the company continues to secure both hardware and software breakthroughs, the application of metaverse in the livestreaming scenario will entail more realistic experiences for various senses, and enable users to access greater immersivity in their virtual world exploration.

The integration between content and social has become the key to building a content ecosystem for new entertainment businesses. And building on its exclusive philosophy of user co-creation, Scienjoy will better empower users and streamers to develop more culture- and entertainment-related scenarios, and design more surreal livestreaming contents. And the continuous improvement of Scienjoy’s Livestreaming Metaverse will more deeply integrate digital humans and digital scenarios, giving birth to virtual variety shows, virtual streamers, and even virtual idols, while the enriched content ecosystem will further enhance stickiness between user and platform.

For Scienjoy, the launch of avatars is a highly substantial progress of its advance towards the metaverse concept. In the future, the company will continue to expand the world system of its Livestreaming Metaverse, so that users can possess a broader space for exploration; create a comprehensive societal system, so that users can enjoy improved social experiences; build a fair economic system, so that art creators can access online exhibition spaces and monetization channels; and upgrade the existing gaming system, so as to provide users with a growth memory system while continuing to attract new users.

Looking forward, Scienjoy will continue to ramp up its investment in generating and developing the Livestreaming Metaverse. The company will commit to exploring more disruptive social patterns on platforms including Showself, Lehai, Haixiu, BeeHive, and overseas livestreaming portal Hongren. By doing so, Scienjoy will expand more application scenarios and truly actualize the Metaverse concept to serve the development of society and productivity.