Streamer Story | Huaner: Fight Her Own Battles in the World of Streaming

Published on : 19 August 2022

Click "Start Streaming", the moment when the screen presents a picture, countless messages flooded the screen in public chat area, countless curious eyes focused on the young face through screens. As a starter, Huaner was unfamiliar with the situation.

Comparing live streaming with a martial arts world, Huaner has spilled sweat every day and night here for over four years. The world is meant for swordmen. After fighting her battles and experiencing gratitude and revenge, Huaner finally grew into an indestructible king in this world.

From the Small Martial Arts World to A Big One


Huaners life was destined to be a wonderful one. Living in the martial arts world, swordsmen would always seize the extraordinary opportunities and broke out a rosy future.


In the eyes of her colleagues in the beauty salon, Huaner is a career-minded girl whose life was occupied with work. She worked hard day after day, and grew from a small store clerk who practiced her craft into a successful store manager. She outperformed most of the local small town youth at a young age: A successful career, an independent life, and considerable savings.

Under Huaner's leadership, the small beauty salon expanded into the largest one on the street. Her friends regarded Huaner as a "success", while she still felt the emptiness in her heart.

In her childhood, Huaner's family rented a small yard. The landlord's child liked to bully her. Back then, she did not know how to complain, but she vaguely understood that if the landlord's child were unhappy, she and her family would have no place to live. Years later, Huaner has forgotten the grievances she suffered back then, but the fear and her unspoken distress that her family would end up without a place to live remained deep in her heart.

In order to get over the living condition of her childhood, she started working right after graduation, using the accumulation of income to eliminate her feeling of insecurity. In Huaner's mind, a home, or a house, was the beginning of a secured life. Being a manager of a small beauty salon did not bring substantial breakthroughs to her. This world with limited small-town economy could not satisfy her any more.

Her empty heart was filled after November, 2016. Recommended by her friends, Huaner started streaming in Lehi for the first time after work. Soon after, Huaner went full-time and brought a house on her own. She felt steady and sure about life, as well as the infinite possibilities of live streaming.

King of the World

For Huaner, each day after she started streaming was faced with various new problems and challenges, but she only felt the anticipation. Throwing herself into solving a problem or winning a battle brought her a strong sense of solidity. She was devoted to expanding her life beyond a small store and climbing persistently on the ladder of life.


Previously, she took live streaming only as a reassuring job, while after pushing her way in the world of streaming, Huaner realized that this was a wonderful journey, consisting of righteousness, fights, and championship.

An hour, half an hour, fifteen minutes...At the backstage of the annual gala, Huaner stared at the clock with gleaming eyes, counting down the time left before she went on stage. It was her first time traveling to Beijing as an award-winning streamer for the ceremony of the "Lehi 2017 Annual Gala". The warm breeze in the waiting room could not prevent her from shivering, her nervousness and excitement took control of her body's reaction.

The stage was brightly lit, all seemed prettier under the light. Audience filled the seats. When her audience in the streaming room became a real person in front of her, Huaner suddenly had a unprecedented feeling.

Huaner carried the hem of her dress, walking slowly but steadily step by step on the red carpet towards the center of the stage. Bathing in the fiery gaze of the crowd, Huaner understood the greater value as an streamer.


The Weight of the Crown


The one who wants to wear a crown must bear its weight. Huaner bought a house on her own and went to Beijing to stand in the center of the stage of the annual gala. None of these can be achieved without her efforts.

In the world of live streaming, Huaner had seen almost all aspects of human nature. For nearly five years, there were unfriendly comments in the streaming room, audience who vented their anger from real life on her, those who were jealous of her achievements, and of course, there were also people who liked Huaner and showed her strong support...

All of these had brought her pain as well as growth. However, Huaner remained the same little girl who strove every day for her dreams and inner peace.

Some seemingly important people may just be passers-by, and a period of hard life can disappear like wind. Huaner said, "I have two particularly close streamer friends, who I met from the game Diwangzhengba. We often joke ourselves as 'the three heroines'. We share and solve our troubles together, support other friends of ours, and strive for the future together."

Light remained in Huaners heart after all she had been through. The world is full of gratitude and revenge. There will always be friends of kindred spirits and stages for steeling, all you have to do is to embark on your own journey.