Scienjoy Launches “Eco-Harmonious Countryside” Campaign to Facilitate Rural Revitalization and Contribute to Beautiful Countryside

Published on : 23 September 2022

With lucid waters and lush mountains, the sound ecological environment is the biggest advantage and asset of China’s rural areas. To facilitate China’s rural revitalization and contribute to the "14th Five-Year Plan", Scienjoy, a leading live entertainment mobile streaming platform in China, announced that from April 12 to May 6, it will launch "Eco-Harmonious Countryside", a livestreaming campaign that focuses on rural areas’ “great landscapes and nostalgic memories” and spurs the vitality of rural development by showcasing rural customs, comparing rural environments, and advocating concepts of green, ecological development. The special campaign marks another effort by Scienjoy to support rural development, as well as the sequel to its much-applauded "Beautiful Countryside and Well-Off Society" campaign.

For China, rural revitalization is a national strategy, which requires further consolidated all-round poverty alleviation, guaranteed income of rural residents, and improved capacity for risk tolerance. To achieve these goals, China will need to fully leverage the geographical advantages of rural areas, accelerate the development of eco-friendly industries in rural areas, improve the living conditions in rural areas, and build an ecologically-harmonious countryside with local characteristics. According to data from market research organizations Wind and Ping An Securities Research Institute, 43.35 million people across China were lifted out of poverty from 2016 to 2020, but under China’s modest poverty line of RMB 2,300 annual income, farmers with limited assets are still relatively weak in coping with uncertainty. In addition, data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that the top three industries that employed the most migrant workers in 2020 were manufacturing, construction and residential services, offering 27.3%, 18.3% and 12.4% of all such jobs respectively. But in 2022, as China's economic development continues to face the triple pressure of contracted demand, disrupted supply, and weakened expectations, the country is seeing greater uncertainty compared with 2021. And the above three industries, which employ nearly 60% of China’s migrant workers, are all facing the risk of investment slowdown, leading to greater difficulties in landing jobs for rural residents and affecting their job-related income.

But with livestreaming becoming a structural force in society, the emerging industry continues to play its role in shaping rural ecological spaces and industrial patterns. The 49th Statistical Report on China's Internet Development, published by the China Internet Network Information Center, shows that by December 2021, the number of netizens in China was 1.032 billion, of which online video and short video users reached 975 million and 934 million respectively. As a key pillar of the Internet economy, livestreaming platforms are becoming an important channel that affects China's economic development.

Relying on the advantages of its platforms, Scienjoy uses live video streams to present the great views and interesting stories of China’s beautiful countryside to more people, so that the public can witness the well-off life of rural residents and the ecological charms of rural areas. It also leverages digital efficiency to innovate talent supply and break the restrictions on traditional employment and spatial communication, turning livestreaming into employment opportunities for new-generation farmers and helping increase the income of rural residents for improved capacity to cope with uncertainty. Most importantly, the company drives the integration of the Internet economy and the real economy and leads the transformation and upgrading of agriculture, so as to reshape the relationship between agro-producers and consumers, support the development of the rural industrial chain, and help build a strong defense for China’s ecologically-harmonious countryside.

Previously, Scienjoy teamed up with well-known drama troupe “Alan’s Theater” to stage immersive dramas at homestay guesthouses in Beijing’s Yingpan Village as well as CPC-extolling shows to present Chinese people’s happy life upon the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. It also visited Arxan, Inner Mongolia to livestream the "Arxan Rural Wall Painting Art Competition" to celebrate the beautiful countryside… The company’s livestreaming platforms including Showself, Lehai, Haixiu, BeeHive, and Hongren, also launched special columns on their apps, using various forms like livestreaming, infographic and video to showcase a vivid scene of beautiful countryside.

Through its channels and digital advantages, Scienjoy continues to fulfill corporate social responsibility, exploring more possibilities of integration between rural revitalization and livestreaming, effectively activating the vast rural resources and markets, and unleashing the strong potentials related to China’s beautiful countryside.