Scienjoy took actions to fight the epidemic and support people in Wuhan

Published on : 31 January 2020

On 31st Jan 2020, Scienjoy donated RMB 1 million to Wuhan, the front line of the epidemic area, for the purchase and transportation of urgently needed materials, such as protective masks, protective clothing and disinfectants, and to provide necessary help for front-line medical staff. Meanwhile, Scienjoy encourages its employees to make voluntary donations. Donation from Scienjoy's employees was remitted to Wuhan Charity Federation.

At present, we are facing a serious situation and topics of coronavirus are always at the center of public attention. Facing this serious situation, Scienjoy pays close attention and actively communicates with the relevant departments to provide help for fighting against the epidemic. Scienjoy launched the initiative of "Help each other to fight the epidemic", which aims to encourage employees to protect themselves scientifically and make donations voluntarily.

At the same time, the Showself, Lehai TV and Haixiu TV of Scienjoy and its strategic cooperation platforms Hongle TV and Beeshow launched the special model of "Fight the epidemic together" on the home page of its App, which helps to guide the hosts and users to fight the epidemic together.

Scienjoy will continue to pay attention to the epidemic situation, strictly implement the prevention and control of the epidemic, and practice the corporate responsibility with full love to fight the cruel virus.