Scienjoy makes great efforts to fight the epidemic

Published on : 04 February 2020

The topics of coronavirus are always in the center of public attention and the situation is getting serious. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Scienjoy has continuously paid close attention to the epidemic situation, responded to the requests of the government, practiced the corporate responsibility and guaranteed the safety of employees.


Deploy preventative activities and guarantee the implementation


On 22nd Jan 2020, according to the message delivered by coronavirus prevention and control meeting held by Beijing Labor Union, Scienjoy set up an epidemic management team and started to purchase necessary materials, such as disposable medical masks, 84 disinfectants, disinfectant hand sanitizers, air disinfectant sprays, etc. to protect staff who are still working during the Spring Festival holiday. Moreover, Scienjoy issued notifications to guide the staff to protect themselves scientifically and remove their panic. Once found, infected patientsshould be managed and treated appropriately and quickly so that both the physical and psychological fitness of staff can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

Spread love and overcome difficulties


"As a Hubeier, I really appreciate the contribution made by Scienjoy." said by one employee from Scienjoy. At the end of January, Scienjoy practiced corporate responsibility and donated RMB 1 million to Wuhan. Meanwhile, we launched the initiative of "help each other to fight the epidemic" internally. Not only the staff but also the host families of our live broadcast platform actively participated. The host families in Hubei also expressed their gratitude to the company. So far, our staff and host families have donated more than RMB 100,000 to Wuhan.

Determine direction clearly and make promotion orderly


Facing the serious situation caused by coronavirus, Scienjoy started to carry out the epidemic prevention knowledge dissemination via multiple channels. Articles related to epidemic prevention were sent to staff via public account every day. In addition, the health state of all staff was updated twice a day so that infection can be controlled immediately if found.

At the same time, the Showself, Lehai TV and Haixiu TV of Scienjoy and its strategic cooperation platforms Hongle TV and Beeshow launched the special module of "Fight the epidemic together" on the home page of its App and promoted knowledge of epidemic prevention and control via public accounts and Sina microblogs. 

Work online


Employees are the core of the enterprise, and their safety is above all else. The government issued the notice of extending the Spring Festival holiday and delaying the resumption of work. Following the notice, Scienjoy required its staff to work from home from 3rd to 7th Feb and set up a joint group to deliver office equipment to the employees in need to avoid cross infection. For a company with hundreds of people, it is difficult to make this change, but it does not affect the morale of employees. What cannot defeat us will make us stronger!

Disinfect the workplace thoroughly and control mobility strictly


In order to create the safe office environment after the resumption of work, Scienjoy has formulated relevant prevention and control measures and arranged related persons in charge of the office environment. Measures include taking temperature of staff and cleaning their hands at the entrance of the office buildings every day; set up a disinfection team to clean and disinfect door handles, seats, corridors, toilets and greenings on a regular basis; set up a special garbage bin for waste such as masks to prevent secondary pollution; paste the work instructions in the company's cultural corridor, etc. In addition, the office area shall be closed during the epidemic period, and the entry and exit of external personnel shall be strictly controlled. All external personnel entering the office must be subject to temperature monitoring, make registration and shall be reported to the company promptly.


With multi-channel promotion and all-round protection, we will win the battle of epidemic resistance!