Scienjoy , the positive energy in the live video streaming

Published on : 05 December 2018

Today, live broadcast has become one of the most popular modes of communication on the Internet. However, for a long time, live broadcasting content has often been mixed with negative values. How do we make it play a positive social role, maximize its main purpose of providing positive content?

On the International Day of Disabled Persons that fell on December 2nd, the company held a live broadcast contest titled “Scienjoy Cup Beijing Youth Fusion Entrepreneur Final and Award Ceremony”. The contest was sponsored by Scienjoy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., co-sponsored by the Beijing Disabled Persons' Federation, the Municipal Education Commission, the Communist Youth League Committee, and the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. It aims to promote the entrepreneurial spirit among people with special needs. It was broadcasted across “Sports Live”, “Lee Show”, “嗨秀秀” and other strategic partners, “Red Man Live” as well as “Honey Live”.

The competition lasted for seven months from the registration, screening, preliminary review and rematch - where six best teams were chosen to present at the finals.

Among them is Miyun Liu Xin who sits in a wheelchair. He has worked hard with his family to promote the authenticity of his hometown - his Taobao store "Mixiang Weiqiang" directly drives more than 100 farmers to have an increased income. The Paralympic Archery champion Gao Fangxia, together with partners created Pandora Fitness Studio, promoting the concept of inclusive fitness to the community. Haigui English teacher, Chen Bingou, who has overcome mental illness, along with friends formed the "Angel Wings" disabled host studio with the aim of conveying warmth and hope on the Internet. Sun Yiyuan, a girl with congenital hearing impairment, led a team to develop a "Bunny Answer", an app  for the hearing-impaired. Despite physical challenges, Wang Zheng, who studied in Japan, set up a "Lee to Learn", a network for students studying abroad. Sun Jing, a girl from Beijing who was disabled due to a car accident, founded the "Angel Baking" studio with her partners to provide training and employment opportunities for disabled people in the field of baking.

The nine judges, including Mr. Victor He, CEO of Scienjoy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., conducted a multi-faceted evaluation of the contestants and scored them on the spot.

The contestants' ups and downs, their spirit of self-improvement and optimism, as well as rigorous and steady entrepreneurial attitude impress the judges and the audience. At the event, the Beijing Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation launched the "Beijing Convergence Entrepreneurship Alliance", of which Scienjoy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. became the first member.


Entrepreneurs who attended the event agreed that this competition is a useful attempt to  raise money and has created a “four platforms” that holds the following purposes: financial support, think tank strategy, consulting services, and a mixed pool of disabled and general youth. It is said that in the future, they will work together to support people with special needs and promote their developments. 

This is not the company’s first CSR activity in recent years - in 2016, Scienjoy cooperated with the Beijing Disabled Persons Welfare Federation to set up a special fund called “Sound of the World to Listen to the World” to help children with hearing impairment to partake in a rehabilitation training.

The company also pays close attention to other life aspects of the disabled, including their employment and education. The Paralympic Spirit and many other live broadcast events open a window to help the general public understand and support the lives of people with disabilities. In the future, technology and innovation era will continue to enable new ways of giving back to the community as part of the company's social responsibility.