Showself Entertainment VP Zhilong Jiang: Deep cultivation of content, embraces the future

Published on : 20 December 2018

In the internet era, the digitalization of the cultural industry has gradually become a trend. Recently, at the "2018 China Network Culture Industry Annual Conference", Xiuyue Entertainment was invited as a representative of domestic cultural enterprises and digital pioneers.

The annual meeting was approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. China Animation Group and the Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau hosted two significant events of digital culture and cultural tourism under the general theme of "Strong Network, Strong Culture and Strong Industry". The "2018 China Network Culture Product User Evaluation Report" which was launched during the conference stated that while the digital cultural content industry has achieved great economic benefits, it is particularly important to consider social and artistic values.

Jiang Zhilong; the vice president of Xiu Se Entertainment and the general manager of Xiu Se Live, shared the successful experiences and measures of Xiuyin Entertainment in balancing social and economic benefits, as stated in the public speech known as "Deep Cultivation Content, Embracing the Future."

Jiang Zhilong believes that  live broadcast has entered a stage of steady development. In the near future, it will be combined with more complex addition to broaden the boundaries of the industry to a greater extent. At the same time, the entire industry is returning to its original goal and pursue content quality. Xiuyue Entertainment continues to focus on high-quality content. They actively expand the live broadcast boundary, collaborate with high-quality partners to produce quality content, increase investment, support originality, build IP, and launch a series of self-produced variety shows. They also focus on optimizing user experience and utilizing emerging technologies.

Through its live show and the strategic cooperation platform, they developed the Live Broadcast of the Reds, The Live Broadcast of Honey, traditional entertainment film and television, brokerage business and new technologies. They create an entertainment OMO model with mobile internet features; paying attention to value orientation in daily operations, high-quality content, creation of  positive content, and highlighting social benefits.

Through opening up to the outside world and the promotion of the “Belt and Road”, Xiuyue Entertainment has further focused on demonstrating the style of Chinese culture and striving to make its live broadcast platform an important window for the export of Chinese culture.

In 2018, Xiuyue Entertainment and jointly launched the "Hello, New Era",  a series of live broadcasts, covering culture and technology. They presented the 40 years of Chinese reformation, Chinese opera art, "non-legacy" skills, and technology.  Among them is the "Chinese Opera Pick me". The theme of 10 live broadcasts introduced to Beijing and overseas audiences are Peking Opera, Shanghai Opera, Huai Opera, Suzhou Pingtan, Chu Opera, Qin Qian, Xi Qin Opera, Zhu Xian Opera, Jingzhou Huagu Opera, and Zhanhua Fishing Drum. 

By interviewing the members of the troupe, Xiu Se live broadcasts the status of the traditional troupe's survival while also promotes their drama - most of which are the National Art Foundation's 2018 annual communication exchange promotion projects. This series of live broadcasts triggered a strong and positive response.

Additionally, the live broadcast of other traditional techniques of Xiu Cai Entertainment also received a good response; including "The outstanding heir of Chinese folk art", Li Jianxiao's paper-cut art, Emeishan finger-painting biography. It is expected that people can appreciate the beauty of "non-legacy" skills. According to statistics, the cumulative online viewing of each live broadcast exceeded one million.

Science and technology are the primary productive forces. While vigorously promoting the charm of traditional culture, the “Hello, New Era” series also broadcast, introduce, and promote science and technology.

Through live broadcast, Xiuyue Entertainment invited industry experts and led the audience into the National Coatings Engineering Technology Research Center Laboratory (Changzhou Institute), as well as the Tianjin National Refining and Chemical Engineering Technology Center and other national key laboratories.

In the live broadcast of “Into the CNOOC Pan-European”, Xiuyue Entertainment invited the head of LNG Shipping Company of CNOOC Energy Development Co., Ltd. and related technical experts to lead the viewers to learn more about the shipbuilding industry.

Xiuyue Entertainment’s live broadcast of the “2018 World Robotics Conference” was equally well-received. The focus of this live broadcast is to bring the audience to experience "black technology" and to help spread the application of artificial intelligence.

Through the live broadcast of “Hello, New Era” series, Xiuyi Entertainment successfully spread traditional culture and advances in technology to the masses. The high-quality content of the Chinese characteristics and vivid sense of the times not only inspired national pride, but also helped Enhance the understanding of foreigners in China.

The economy is transforming from “pan-entertainment” economy to “new cultural creation”. The traditional Chinese culture focuses on humanistic care and cultural connotation. Disseminating positive energy will become more and more common in digital cultural enterprises.

In the future, Xiuyi Entertainment will further strengthen the interpretation and presentation of excellent traditional culture, pay attention to the frontier, stand on its own, and focus on overseas markets. It will make the live broadcast platform an important channel to show China and its culture  to the world.