Converging entrepreneurship, sharing the future altogether - "Scienjoy Cup" Beijing Youth Convergence Entrepreneurship Competition successfully concluded

Published on : 03 December 2018

On the International Day of Disabled Persons, the “Fusion of Entrepreneurship Sharing Future”  which was co-sponsored by the Beijing Disabled Persons' Federation, the Municipal Education Commission, the Communist Youth League Committee, and the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau – held “Scienjoy Cup”,  Beijing Youth Fusion Entrepreneur Final and Award Ceremony.

The contest was held for seven months and was divided into four stages: initial registration, preliminary examination, rematch, and final. On the day of the finals, the six best teams presented their initiatives, evaluated and scored by nine judges on the spot. Scienjoy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., the exclusive sponsor of the event had its CEO, Victor He as a judge.

In the competition, young people with disabilities not only showed their self-reliance and optimism, but also their rigorous, focused, practical and diligent entrepreneurial attitude to complete the project - which has touched many entrepreneurs involved in the event.

In 2008,  a gold and silver medalist of the Beijing Paralympic Games, created Pandora Fitness Studio, which brought fitness studio inclusive to everyone.

Wang Zheng established the “Learly Learning”, an institution for studying abroad. He introduced entrance examinations for Chinese and Japanese students. A Beijing native, Dayu Sun Jing, who was disabled by an accident, now devotes herself to baking and share the sweetness of her baked goods with others.

Liu Xin founded “Mixiang Weiqiang”, a successful Taobao store which has helped more than 100 households and farmers increase their income by more than CNY 100,000. 

Through this competition, the organizers aim to create a “four platforms” for disabled entrepreneurs to solve financial issues. It is a think tank strategy platform that provides intellectual support to the needs of young people with disabilities and general youth entrepreneurs. It is also a platform to support young people with disabilities.

The stories of the contestants who have experienced the hardships are touching, and various forms of assistance have been provided to them. At the meeting, the Beijing Disabled Persons Welfare Federation launched the Beijing Convergence Entrepreneurship Alliance, and Scienjoy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. became its first member.

The event also acts as a charity event. In 2016, Scienjoy cooperated with the Beijing Disabled Welfare Federation to set up a special fund for the project of “Sounding the World to Listen to the Voice of the World” which helped children with hearing impairments to receive rehabilitation and training. The fund also focuses on the employment and education of disabled people. 

Through "Live + Public Welfare", "The Residents and Communities, the Dream of China - The Special Performance of the Heroic History Light Column Works", "The Champion Comes with the Spirit of Sharing the Paralympic Spirits into the Community" and other public events, it is expected that more people would understand, care, and support the lives and work of disabled people.