Scienjoy Subsidies for Hubei Students at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications to Get Through the Difficulties to Fight against COVID-19

Published on : 08 April 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 hit people's hearts. Scienjoy, as a responsible high-tech enterprise, always cares for the situation in Hubei, the key area of the epidemic, and tries its best to provide assistance. Recently, Scienjoy participated in the establishment of the "Anti-epidemic Relief Fund for Students by Beijing Alumni Entrepreneurs" and donated RMB 100,000 to help students in Hubei. Prior to this, in order to support epidemic prevention in the frontline, Sienjoy donated more than RMB 1 Mn to the Wuhan Charity Federation to provide the necessary help and protection for the frontline medical staff.

According to statistics, the number of undergraduate and postgraduate Hubei students of the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications is 1050, and some students are not currently in Hubei. By March 20, the school has contacted 878 students in Hubei, including 68 poor students, and 3 suspected diagnoses. It is foreseeable that some students' family income will be severely affected by this epidemic, which will affect their devotion to their studies.

Since its establishment, Scienjoy has always carried out social responsibilities and demonstrated the passion to serve the country. It not only continues to provide high-value services to users with leading edge technology, but also cares about public welfare.

Scienjoy is very concerned about the misfortunes encountered by Hubei students of the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Recently, the school’s Alumni Entrepreneurs Association submitted an application to the Alumni Association and the Education Foundation to establish the "Anti-epidemic Relief Fund for Students by Beijing Alumni Entrepreneurs" to take care for Hubei students and support their education. The fund has currently raised about RMB 700,000, focusing on: 1. Newly suspected and confirmed students after 21 Feb nationwide; 2. Poor students (family) affected by the epidemic 3. If funds remain those will be used for subsidies for treatment of serious illnesses of students in the school.

It will be a long-term channel for alumni companies, especially association companies to care for students rather than a transitory activity.