Expressing the love of hometown, "I Sing Love Songs for Hometown" event hosted by Scienjoy kicked off

Published on : 09 April 2020

"The evening breeze blows over Penghu Bay, the white waves beat the beach... " " Peach trees are reflected in the clear water, and peach forest surrounds the beautiful villages..." We sing songs that represent our hometown since childhood and these songs carry the warmest memories and feelings. It can be small, as small as a stream, a table of meals; it can also be large, as large as the land, the country.

2020 is the year of achieving the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, and the year of comprehensively winning the battle against poverty. In order to give full play to the advantages of the live broadcast platform to promote poverty alleviation work and better display the local music, local rituals, local customs, and local feelings, and enhance the recognition and self-confidence of netizens to traditional culture, Scienjoy launched the "I Sing Love Songs for My Hometown" online activities, the hosts and users of the the Showself, Lehai TV and Haixiu TV of Scienjoy and its strategic cooperation platforms Hongle TV and Beeshow actively followed and participated.

So far, various platforms have successively activated the registration of "I Sing Love Songs for My Hometown". Once the event was launched, it received a lot of contributions from the hosts and users. They sing for the beauty of their hometown, for the food of their hometown, or for their own home. This event is a continuation of the "I speak for my hometown" event, which has been successfully held for two seasons and has accumulated a large number of fans on the platform.

Activity time:

The Showself from April 7th to April 16th

Haixiu TV April 9 to April 19

Lehai TV April 10 to April 21

Beeshow April 16 to April 26

Hongle TV April 16 toApril 22

Ethereal voice not only expresses the memories of the hometown and homesickness, but also sang for Scienjoy’s commitment to the development of quality content. Traditional cultural activities represented by "Hello, New Era-Chinese Drama Pick me" and "Beautiful China" have won wide acclaim from inside and outside the industry. Focusing on the advantages of the platform to expand the " broadcast+" content boundary, Scienjoy made all-round attempts in cloud life, cloud food, cloud fitness, etc., the content of live broadcasts is becoming more and more diverse. Continuous output of high-quality content has formed a differentiated development advantage. Scienjoy has released a positive signal.