Fighting the epidemic is never alone - Live broadcast is facilitating home fitness

Published on : 16 March 2020

During the period of COVID-19, in order to meet the fitness needs of platform users and enrich users' "cloud life", Scienjoy and Pandora Fitness Studio launched a 21-day healthy "lung" slimming online public welfare live event. Pandora fitness studio, as the champion team of the 1st “Scienjoy Cup" Beijing Disabled Youth Entrepreneurship Competition, has made multiple attempts to help the disabled. "The entrepreneurship competition hosted by Scienjoy provides a platform for us to show ourselves. This event once again enabled us to have more attempts and imagination with the help of Scienjoy live broadcast platform..." said by the head of the Pandora team.

Through the combination of online live broadcasting, small programs, and interactive WeChat group Q&A, the 21-day "Lung" Slimming Online Public Welfare event promoted home fitness methods, popularized scientific fitness knowledge, and promoted healthy lifestyles during the epidemic prevention and control period. While increasing physical exercises to strengthen immunity, users are also spreading confidence to overcome the epidemic.

The sports nutrition expert, Mr Daowei Lin, Beijing Union University Special Education College of Chinese Medicine rehabilitation professor, Ms Lin Zhang, and 2019 Chinese college student fitness and bodybuilding championship youth group selection contestant Mr. Tianpei Lin were invited to interact with everyone in the live broadcast room, share some common knowledge about TCM diet, home TCM health care and home training for slimming and fat loss, including cardiopulmonary restorative home exercises, core training, weight training, etc. This event also provided demonstration videos of bodyweight movements and corresponding online explanations of suitable family exercises to guide viewers on how to strengthen their body, improve their immune system, and thus effectively prevent diseases. This event was very popular among users.

The Beijing Disabled Youth Integration and Entrepreneurship Competition is a beneficial innovation and practice for Scienjoy in the field of public welfare. It aims to give the disabled youth more opportunities in employment and entrepreneurship. The contest has been successfully held for two sessions and has been widely recognized by society. The champion team guided users to conduct scientific epidemic prevention at home via live broadcasts, which is not only a beneficial attempt to create more valuable content on the platform, but also gives more room for public welfare practice and more value for young people with disabilities.

In addition, during the epidemic, the Showself, Lehai TV and Haixiu TV of Scienjoy and its strategic cooperation platforms Hongle TV and Beeshow launched the special model of "Fight the epidemic together" on the home page of its App, which helps to guide the hosts and users to fight the epidemic together.. Jointly with, Scienjoy set up a special column of "Wuhan Epidemic First Sight" frontline news to report the efforts and contributions of frontline ordinary workers in Wuhan; at the same time, actively explore the development of new formats such as "Cloud Food" and "Cloud Theatre" with the aim to make breakthroughs in digitalization and create greater value for partners and users.