Scienjoy streamers launched the Chinajoy treasure hunting activity

Published on : 31 July 2020

On July 31, the 18th China Digital Entertainment Expo (ChinaJoy) was held as scheduled at Shanghai New International Expo Center. In cooperation with Damai owned by Alibaba, Scienjoy has become the partner of ChinaJoy Plus in entertainment live streaming industry. Scienjoy will customizing online content for Chinajoy Plus, interacting with offline hosts through online live streaming, helping exhibitors to achieve greater effect from promotion and brand exposure, as well as enhancing their brand influence.

Chinajoy was held both online and offline for the first time. Damai and Taobao broadcasting platform jointly launched ChinaJoy2020 Treasure Hunt Carnival, synchronizing offline exhibitions, breaking time and space restrictions. Scienjoy participated in the Damai Super Scene and other activities such as Live Streaming E-commerce and “treasure hunt", directly accessing ChinaJoy games, 3C, technology, and behind-the-scenes staff.

Streamers and hosts from ChinaJoy interacted closely on the ChinaJoy Super Scene. Apart from introducing the grand events of the expo, streamers also recommended cost-effective and high-quality trendy products during live streaming. At the same time, the e-commerce platform "Scienjoy strict selection" will be effectively promoted. On July 31, many streamers from Scienjoy displayed in the pavilion, unlocked popular content, and exported the quality content to the platform through live broadcasting. While enriching the users experience, the new forms can break the time and space restrictions, realizing the diversified and multi-form display of ChinaJoy content.

In addition, through the MCN organization, Scienjoy fully exposed the high-quality video cut content on Damai Super Scene and YOUKU’s webpage. Scienjoy displayed the highlights of the ChinaJoy from multiple angles, and highlighted the extensive entertainment value. On August 2, "Scienjoy’s Unlimited Treasure" launched. The CEO from Scienjoy hosted a live broadcast to introduce Scienjoy’s market strategy and future planning and prepared gifts for the audience.

How to explore the full combination of high-quality content and live broadcasting and improve the layout of extensive entertainment is the goal that Scienjoy has been exploring and actively practicing. Cooperating with ChinaJoy is a benefitial practice in the field of entertainment and entertainment. In order to meet users needs and provide more services, Scienjoy builds a virtual life world in the live broadcasting, and expands the combination of mobile live broadcasting and various vertical fields to create a complete ecosystem of mobile live broadcasting based on their in-depth understanding of the live broadcasting industry and user behaviors.