CEO’s first live commerce SCIENJOY released important signal throught ChinaJoy

Published on : 03 August 2020

On August 2, He Xiaowu, CEO of SCIENJOY, appeared at the 18th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy) in Shanghai in 2020. As a guest at the official live broadcasting room of the Damai Treasure Quest Carnival, HE did live interaction with online audiences, gave out treasure welfares, and told the brand story. As the sponsoring partner of ChinaJoy( pan-entertainment live streaming industry) this year, SCIENJOY released strong signals to the outside in terms of business development and brand building, etc. on this activity.

HE interacted with online audiences in real-time in the official Taobao live broadcast room of the Damai Treasure Quest Carnival, influencing quite a lot potential buyers, distributing customized treasure gifts, and addressing SCIENJOY’s "treasure story" in terms of its history, Market strategy and future planning.

In the mobile internet entertainment industry, SCIENJOY is developing steadily and robustly, and occupying market advantage and resources with its forward-looking strategic plan. SCIENJOY took Xiuse live broadcast as the starting point to further create Lehi and Hixiu counterparts. SCIENJOY’S differentiated operations on multiple platforms to meet the needs of different user segments has created a solid user base for the platform's diversified growth in the pan-entertainment field. By the end of 2019, SCIENJOY had registered by over 200 million users, and successfully listed on NASDAQ in the United States in May 2020.

Recently, some attentive netizens found that SCIENJOY has launched “SCIENJOY Strict Selection” on its live broadcasting platforms, covering a full range of products mainly including 3C digital and cosmetics. The rich experience on live video streaming and solid user base of SCIENJOY necessarily led to test the water of e-commerce live broadcast. The e-commerce and entertainment live broadcast models also qualify the "People-Products-Space" operation model. The former provides goods services for the public, while the latter tends to meet the spiritual needs of users. The goal of SCIENJOY is to meet the diversified and -precise needs of the public by fully combining the live e-commerce and pan-entertainment live broadcasting in terms of product and operation, increasing entertainment on the platform and the participation of users as well as establishing dynamic l content.

Combined with the theme of "science and technology leading the new wave of digital entertainment" in ChinaJoy this year, HE said that in the 5G era of technological innovation, high bandwidth and low delay are going to increase the value of live broadcasting, support more real and rich experiences on user immersion, and strengthen the social relationship between the webcasters and users. SCIENJOY has started to explore 5g, AI / Ar / VR and other technologies, and actively explores the application of these technologies in live broadcasting.

HE said that by means of the cooperation with ChinaJoy, its own advantages of Pan-entertainment live broadcast, live broadcast of wonderful content and offline invitation of webcasters to discuss the exhibition and interact, he hoped to achieve the organic combination of OMO and the development of digital entertainment industry, empowerment of both brands, and an increase in traffic volume. Meanwhile, he also expected to take this opportunity to explore more further cooperation chances.

During the exhibition, SCIENJOY and Damai launched a special activity "webcaster attacks, uncover the secrets of ChinaJoy’s treasure hunting Carnival". Users deeply participated in the interaction of ChinaJoyPlus through Damai Chao’s online live broadcast and offline treasure hunting. At the same time, more than a dozen of SCIENJOY 's webcasters went deep into the scene to report on the four-day exhibition in the way of well-rounded live broadcast which could be received on Xiuse, Lehi and Hixiu platforms and has been released on the online publicity zone to help exhibitors achieve greater promotion and brand exposure effect, and enhance SCIENJOY’s brand influence.