Scienjoy participated in the "Online Chinese Festival · Mid-Autumn Festival" national joint moon watching livestream

Published on : 30 September 2020

On September 30th, the "Online Chinese Festival · Mid-Autumn Festival" national joint moon watching livestream officially started. Showself Platform of Scienjoy will live stream throughout the whole process and will launch the activity module to promote the culture of Chinese traditional festivals.

This campaign is under the guidance of the Network Social Work Bureau of Cyberspace Administration of China and jointly carried out by and over ten commercial platforms such as the National Astronomical Observatories of China, China Weather Network, China Folk Artists Association, and Showself Livestream.

In the "Online Chinese Festival · Mid-Autumn Festival", the nationwide joint moon watching activity, audience will observe the mid-autumn moon scenes released by local observatories through the livestreaming. A brilliant "cross-border dialogue" among humanities scholars, astronomy experts and the media will be presented, creating a warm and strong festival atmosphere for the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. In the meantime, special activities will be set up in the livestream to connect poverty alleviation groups, college student village officials and poverty alleviation households nationwide to tell their own poverty alleviation stories and share their feelings about the Mid-Autumn Festival.


On the afternoon of the 28th of this month, the first offline activity of "Online Chinese Festival · Mid-Autumn Festival" festival culture exhibition was held in Beijing FUN Square, Qianmen Street, Beijing. Guests and audience gathered together to chant poems, observe intangible cultural heritage, appreciate folk customs, and make moon cakes to feel the charm of traditional culture.

"Since the launch of the Online Chinese Festival, it has been actively responded to by websites nationwide and widely participated by netizens. A large number of excellent network cultural products with various forms and rich connotations have emerged. Some works once swept WeChat moments and became well-known classic pieces on the Internet. They gathered into a festival celebration of the spiritual home of netizens on the Internet, and effectively promoted the network inheritance of Chinese excellent traditional culture. " Su Cuifang, Deputy Director of the Network Social Work Bureau of Cyberspace Administration of China, said.

Lu Xiangao, deputy chief editor of Guangming Daily, said that the Online Chinese Festival constantly innovates the forms of festivals, attracting a young generation to traditional culture and connecting them with Chinese cultural roots. He also hopes that through a series of special activities, more traditional festivals and the humanistic spirit of excellent traditional culture could be integrated into the blood of every Chinese.

Admiring the same moon, people share similar feelings. As the link between cultural genes and the inheritance of patriotic feelings, the Mid-Autumn Festival has always carried deep emotions in hometowns and throughout the homeland. The same date of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day this year makes the National Day holiday more patriotic and nostalgic. It also makes the Chinese people deeply feel that "home is the smallest country while the country is the aggregation of tens of thousands of families".