Scienjoy participated in the "fight against the epidemic" publicity activities

Published on : 12 October 2020

On October 12, the public publicity activity of "Fight against the epidemic" was held in Xiangshan Revolution Memorial Hall. Showself Livestream, Haixiutv Livestream, Lehaitv Livestream, Mifeng Livestream and its strategic cooperation platform - Celebrity Live broadcast jointly broadcast the activity, attracting a huge number of viewers.

This activity is sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Committee. More than 100 people participated in the activity, including Shi Yong, head of the municipal committee's lecture group, expert judges from the social science theory team, universities, media industry, and public lecturers. The livestreaming team of broadcasts the story sharing of the Xicheng District information team’s messages about fighting against the epidemic, and Scienjoy livestream platform broadcast the story simultaneously.

Xiaohu Xu, who is the vice minister of the publicity Department of Xicheng District, selected five speakers who had outstanding achievements in the fight against the epidemic this year to share their stories. Jingwen Can from Xicheng District Federation of Trade Unions shared the story of "You fight against the Epidemic at the front line, I will take care of the community”. Meng Liu, from Dashilan Street in Xicheng District, shared the story about the Special Dragon Boat Festival in 2020. Wang Yan, from the Xicheng District Environmental Protection Bureau, told the story of "Family, Community, Country". Zixia Cheng, from Lecheng Community, Xicheng District, shared the story of fighting against the epidemic together with her colleagues. And Doctor Xingchen Zhang from Xicheng District Erlong Road Hospital told the touching story of Erlong Road Hospital - “Seven hours to start, 100 days to stick to”.

Cao Jingwen and five other Xicheng District officials made a speech on how they, their families and colleagues had worked together during the epidemic. These real stories deeply touched the hearts of on-site judges. Liu Meng from Dashilan Street in Xicheng District also shared his story and won the applause from audiences and judges.

With sincere words and touching stories, the "Fight against the epidemic" campaign showed the spirit of people in different industries. The livestream made people feel the positive energy around us and strengthened people's confidence.