"Online Chinese Festival · Double Ninth Festival" was held in Shangcai City, Henan. Feel the rich festival culture with Scienjoy

Published on : 24 October 2020

On the afternoon of October 24th, the "Online Chinese Festival•Double Ninth Festival" event, which was exclusively live streamed by Scienjoy, entered Shangcai city, Henan Province. This activity brought netizens to experience the strong Double Ninth Festival culture. This event is co-sponsored by GMW.cn and Henan Folk Artists Association, Zhumadian City Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Shangcai County Party Committee and County Government. Showself livestream, Haixiutv, Lehaitv, Mifengtv of Scienjoy’s and the five livestream platforms of the strategic cooperation platform celebrity live streamed simultaneously.

Shangcai County, Henan Province is always known as the "City of Double Ninth Culture". During the 50-minute livestream, the streamer led netizens to enjoy Double Ninth culture, read the history of Shangcai, talked about the origin of the Cai family and about famous allusions, as well as feel the cultural charm of traditional festivals.

The livestream began at the main entrance of Caimingyuan Park, known as the "South Tianmen". Along the way, Li Fengxian, Vice Chairman of Shangcai County Writers Association, as a guest and streamer talked about the theme of from the stone carvings on the door and garden construction to the history of Shangcai county. It turned out that Shangcai, as one of the "ten-thousand-year-old ancient counties" in Henan Province, can be traced back to the Western Zhou Dynasty which dates back over 3000 years. At that time, Cai Zhong, the monarch of the Cai State, was highly respected and ruled the country, and the Cai family was able to expand and pass the domination on for generations...

Besides talking about history and celebrities, Double Ninth Culture is indispensable for this livestream. According to legend, in the Eastern Han Dynasty,there was a man named Huanjing from Shangcai County. He studied art from Fei Changfang all year round. One year on the ninth day of September of the lunar calendar, Fei Changfang told Huanjing Shangcai that there would be plagues and evil spirits and asked him to bring chrysanthemum wine and cornel leaves to rescue the people. Huanjing was eager to return home and rode a crane back home. In order to avoid the plague, he led the villagers to Mount Gangshan to ward off the disaster, and distributed chrysanthemum wine and cornel leaves to everyone to drive away the plague. At last, Huanjing and the villagers were safe.

"When the Double Ninth Festival comes round, I will come for chrysanthemums

again", “When brothers carry dogwood up the mountain, each of them a branch-and my branch is missing" chanting beautiful verses, teacher Li talked about Double Ninth culture and traditional customs, while Shangcai's story remained to be continued...

As the time went by, the Zhou Dynasty was replaced by the Qi Dynasty. And there comes the “Prime minister of the ages". Li Si, the prime minister who assisted King Qin, Ying Zheng conquer the six countries in the Central Plains, was born in ancient Cai. After Qin's unification, Li Si implemented the policy of "Character standardization", replacing variant characters with the lesser seal characters, simplifying ancient Chinese characters’ stature and adding strong cultural charm. "Yarrows with a hundred stems must have a god tortoise guarding it underneath". Opening the "Historical Records · Guice Biography", from the upper component of yarrow, to the lower component of the god turtle, Li Si gave the word "Cai" mysterious colors and best wishes.

On electric vehicles, the livestream team came to a village called Kanhualou in just a few minutes. It turned out that the Ruhe River was often flooded during the ancient Cai Kingdom, and the monarch Cai Zhong often climbed to the commanding heights of the hills to check the water conditions. The "Kanhualou" that once watched chrysanthemums became the "Wanghelou" for checking the disaster, and the local people are still using “KanHualou" as the village name. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Huanjing led the villagers to ascend to avoid the plagues, and this is the WangheLou.

"It turns out that Li Si is also a calligrapher." "I didn't expect that there are so many background stories on the Double Ninth Festival. I get it!" Many audience members interacted with the streamer through online comments. In a relaxed atmosphere, 50 minutes passed quickly, and the livestream came to an end. Insisting on outputting high-quality content, inheriting and disseminating traditional Chinese culture, Scienjoy has been in action. Previously, activities such as the “Mid-Autumn Festival Moon Watching Livestream”, “Global Online Appreciating the Beauty of the Central Axis in Beijing” and “Seeing Intangible Heritage” have also received users’ and the industry’s unanimous praise. The diverse needs of users are satisfied with the enrichment of platform content.