Scienjoy Named One of First-Batch Leading Digital Cultural Enterprises in Zhejiang

Published on : 19 June 2023

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Informatization jointly announced the province’s first batch of leading, key and emerging enterprises in the digital cultural sector.



Closely following the digital economy’s new development trends in recent years, Zhejiang has been deepening the construction of state-level pilot zones for digital economy innovation and development, forming a number of globally competitive digital industrial clusters. Among the first batch of leading, key and emerging digital cultural enterprises, five leading and two emerging ones are coming from Yuhang District, fully showcasing the district’s efforts and advantages in driving innovation of the digital cultural industry.


Based in Yuhang District’s Liangzhu Digital Culture Community, Scienjoy (Zhejiang) Cultural Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading player in China’s mobile livestreaming industry. Since 2022, the Liangzhu Digital Culture Community has adhered to the development philosophy of "integration between digital, culture and community", focusing on digital cultural industries such as gaming, animation, and film & television as the key development directions. It is committed to developing a "new highland for China's digital cultural and creative industries, as well as a Chinese role model of future digital culture community". Supported and encouraged by the community’s preferential policies, Scienjoy builds on its advantages in the mobile livestreaming sector as well as its cumulated expertise in pioneering technologies, such as blockchain, AR, VR, and big data, to actively explore and develop a livestreaming metaverse, thereby enabling ultimate immersive experiences, a social system beyond time and space, a digital community with virtual and real interactions, and a rich content ecosystem for all participants.


The honor not only serves as a strong affirmation of Scienjoy’s contributions in digital cultural innovation, but also an encouragement for the company to more deeply explore the cultural innovation and development model in the era of digital economy. Looking forward, Scienjoy will continue to expand investment in cutting-edge technologies, strengthen cooperation with business partners, and deeply cultivate the digital cultural industry. And building on the development of its livestreaming metaverse, the company will also more strongly facilitate the Liangzhu Digital Culture Community’s efforts to build itself into a hub of China’s digital cultural and creative industry.