“Scienjoy Listening to the Voice of the World” Public Welfare Run

Published on : 17 April 2017

On April 16th, "Scienjoy Listening to the Voice of the World" Public Welfare Run-up Activity hosted by Scienjoy ( Beijing ) Technology Co. Ltd. was opened in Beijing Olympic Park.

This public welfare run-up campaign advocated a healthy and positive lifestyle and hoped to make breakthroughs in public welfare. With full participation, Scienjoy hoped to attract more young people to participate in actively. Scienjoy also used its practical action to convey positive welfare energy. In addition to advocating a healthy lifestyle, we also hoped that in the future we can give our favors to more people who need help, and shoulder greater social responsibilities.

In the launching ceremony, Victor He, the CEO of Scienjoy, gave a speech.

In the Fountain Square of the Olympic Park, employees dressed with Scienjoy and Showself LOGO T-shirts are doing a warm-up run.

At 9 a.m., as the referee announced the start of run, all the staff rushed out of the starting line with the splendid sun and marched toward the destination with the mission of helping the public welfare. Although the weather was slightly cold, it did not shake off the determination and enthusiasm of the employees to improve the public welfare. And they did their best to run and finally completed the entire mileage! Their persistence and perseverance not only won appreciation but also conveyed the public welfare. After two hours of competition, the participants arrived at the finish line successfully and won the medals and certificates while also getting beautiful gifts.

The referee announced rules, and employees prepared for the running.

At the end of the game, everyone took out their mobile phones and took a group photo.

Scienjoy is the leader of live broadcast, and the company owns four live broadcast app, Showself Live, Lehai Live, Haixiu Live and Hongle Live. Since its founding, the company, not only insists on exploring the field of Internet+, but also has been upholding the humble attitude in the practice of public welfare. This time, "Scienjoy Listening to the Voice of the World" Public Welfare Run-up organized by Scienjoy, made all staff gathered in the Olympic Park to improve health and help the public welfare.

According to relevant personnel of the company, the public welfare will continue. Showself will insist on doing good deeds, let the torch of love pass on, serve more people, and make charity happens.