Scienjoy Accelerates Metaverse Strategy by Upgrading Avatars and Scenario Experiences

Published on : 28 October 2022

Recently, Scienjoy’s livestreaming platform Hongren released its latest app version that’s upgraded with avatars and metaverse ecosystem. Such upgrades help enhance the figurative expression of user avatars in the Scienjoy Metaverse, and improve the interactive experience between users and streamers. They echo the trend that the Virtual Human technology has witnessed extreme popularity, and penetrated the entire pan-entertainment sector to meet users’ diverse needs. According to data from market research agency iiMedia Research, in 2021, the size of China's virtual human-driven industry market and core market reached RMB 107.49 billion and RMB 6.22 billion respectively – they’re expected to hit RMB 640.27 billion and RMB 48.06 billion by 2025, revealing a strong momentum.

As one of the underlying technologies of the Metaverse Age, Virtual Human is permeating people’s everyday life in various forms such as avatars, virtual idols, virtual streamers and digital employees, laying a solid foundation for the true arrival of the future metaverse and the formation of the virtual civilization. From Web2.0 to Web3.0 and from the Internet to the Metaverse, the whole society is gradually assuming the characteristics of a "virtualization" trend, while the virtual human market is embracing exponential growth.

Well-versed in the laws of development, Scienjoy accelerates the implementation and actualization of the metaverse strategy through its livestreaming platform Hongren. By continuously upgrading its Virtual Human technology and metaverse ecosystem, the company elevates user freedom in customizing their images, and further enriches the library of avatars, costumes and accessories. While the improvements help enhance the fun and innovation of livestreaming, they also create a more playable metaverse for both users and streamers.

Hongren’s newest app upgrade benefits, on the one hand, from Scienjoy’s continuous development and improvement of cutting-edge technologies, such as the breakthrough progress in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and motion capture, and on the other hand, from the company’s vigorous promotion of the metaverse concept, the innovation of gameplay models, the integration and progress of technologies, the enrichment of application scenarios, and the improvement of metaverse awareness – such factors jointly promote the iteration of the Virtual Human technology towards platformization and specialization.

In the future, Scienjoy will continue to ramp up investment in generating and developing the Livestreaming Metaverse. It will earnestly promote the cross-disciplinary integration of technologies, break the barriers between reality and virtuality, explore diversified scenario experiences, and fully utilizes the Virtual Human technology’s benefits in reducing costs, enhancing digital interaction and ensuring continuous content output, so as to improve the development of the Livestreaming Metaverse.