Scienjoy Launched the "Beautiful Countryside, Hello Well-off" Event to Promote the Modern Countryside Style

Published on : 17 March 2021

Recently, Scienjoy launched the "Beautiful Countryside, Hello Well-off" event. Its platforms of Showself, Lehi, Haixiu, and Beeshow invite anchors and users from all sites to participate in the event through multiple channels to display the magnificent mountains and rivers and beautiful sceneries of the Chinese countryside by live streaming, videos, text, and pictures.

China has intricate landforms, as well as a broad and profound culture. Different civilizations in different regions make China a country with different sceneries in countryside. There are small bridges and flowing water in the mist and rain in the south of the Yangtze River. There are flocks of cattle and sheep in the vast grasslands. There is also smoke from kitchen chimney in the vast forest sea. And there are lights of fishing boats stretching along the coast. This is the place where we were born and grown, where the grass and trees in the fields, the sounds and smiles of the neighbours, all carry the unique cultural connotation nurtured by the soil and water.

In 2021, an important moment of ushering in the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, our country has won a comprehensive victory in the fight against poverty after the joint efforts by the whole party and the people of all ethnic groups across the country. Scienjoy takes the advantages of the platform and combines corporate social benefits with corporate responsibilities to launch the "Beautiful Countryside, Hello Well-off" event. On the one hand, it allows anchors and users from different regions to gather, show the beautiful countryside sceneries and appreciate the unique regional style, thus deepening the love for the motherland. On the other hand, this event enriches the platform content, intensifies the construction of the entertainment sector, and promotes the creation of the ecology of mobile live streaming.

"Going to a feast in the world and seeing the beauty of the mountains and rivers", Scienjoy is doing what it is best at to display the wonderful scenes of the beautiful countryside to the netizens. It continues to emphasize on positive content and promote the results of poverty alleviation. Meanwhile, it also helps boost the new development of the agricultural industry by live streaming + e-commerce and of agricultural heritage by live streaming + cultural tourism to promote rural revitalization and agricultural cultural heritage protection, practice the core socialist values, and strive to draw a magnificent picture of the comprehensive revitalization of the rural area.

In order to better attract anchors and users to participate in "Beautiful Countryside, Hello Well-off" event, the platform also opens the nowadays most popular short video channel in addition to live streaming. By utilizing the channel, anchors and users can record and upload works of videos and showcase them in the Scienjoy new media section. Scienjoy also gives generous rewards and support to those excellent videos.