Advantages of Digital Economy Emerges, and Scienjoy Takes the Opportunity of Live Streaming to Empower New Business

Published on : 22 March 2021

According to some reports, the Economic Value Added (EVA) of China’s digital economy has increased from 2.6 trillion CNY in 2005 to 35.8 trillion CNY in 2019, accounting for 36.2% of GDP. In 2020, digital economy further develops, with EVA surpassing 40 trillion CNY that accounts for almost 40% of GDP and contributes to almost 70% of GDP. Digital economy is penetrating various fields and increasingly becoming a new driver of economic growth.

Based on the 47th Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development by China Internet Network Information Center, China’s user base for online video, including short video, has reached 927 million by December, 2020, increasing by 76.33 million compared to March, 2020, and already accounting for 93.7% of total netizen. Among the total video users, there is a short video user base of 873 million, increasing by 100 million compared to March 2020, and accounting for 88.3% of total netizen. With the development and application of technologies of 5G, AI, and big data, live streaming has already become an important constitutive part in the society, demonstrating great social value and innovative significance. Live streaming + has been playing an important role in the development of new industry, new business, and new models.

Live Streaming + Industry, Creating a Leading Digitalized City

It relies on Internet and digitalized technology to innovatively promote the integrative development of real economy and digital economy to create a leading digitalized city. Being a significant component of digital economy, live streaming is exactly the specific demonstration of fast integrative development of the two economies. To build the core competitiveness of Live Streaming + Industry, many Tier 1 cities and economically strong cities have been vigorously supporting the growth of digital economy as the vital economic engine. Scienjoy will exploit the advantage of its live streaming platform and e-commerce platform Scienjoy Selection, and combine with culture & tourism development, business & investment attraction, local culture spread, and urban marketing to create a new online economy of high traffic and high efficiency, continuously providing promotion & marketing support for products, enterprises, and cities. Scienjoy will make use of live streaming to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structures, accelerate the transition from traditional drivers to new ones, and drive the profound integration of digital economy and real economy.

Core competitiveness for live streaming e-commerce is genuine goods and services at fair prices based on industrial strength. Scienjoy has cross-boundary anchors to bring high traffic as well as merchandise volumes by arousing consumers’ curiosity. Scienjoy is actively exploring the integration between live streaming base and value chains of supply, operation, manufacture, and consumption of big enterprises to SMEs, in order to realize the sustainable development of live streaming economy, to amplify the driving forces of live streaming economy as an image display terminal, a marketing breakthrough terminal, a commodity transaction terminal, a data collection terminal, and a financial communication terminal, to construct a new paradigm of data-driven live streaming economy, and to activate the vitality of the value chain of the live streaming e-commerce, including live streaming e-commerce base, live streaming platforms, MCN institutions, and professional agencies. With the improvement of new infrastructure such as 5G networks and data centers, Scienjoy uses live streaming to increasingly highlight its advantages in data production, circulation, integration, application, sharing, opening, protection, and value manifestation. It utilizes live streaming e-commerce to directly link production and consumption, break the barriers of supply chain, create an online and offline integration model, and realize the digital transformation of the whole chain of live streaming commerce, intelligent production, digital marketing, and talent cultivation, thereby enhancing industrial competitiveness and empowering urbanization.

Live Streaming + Agriculture, Boosting Rural Revitalization

With the accelerated empowerment of e-commerce, for farmers, mobile phones have become new agricultural tools, live streaming new agricultural activities, data new agricultural materials, and blockchain "new certification" of agricultural products. Under the traditional model, there are serious problems of unsalable agricultural products. Popularization of new technologies such as the Internet and the agricultural network has profoundly changed the urban and rural industrial ecology. With the continuous strengthening of the construction of basic information facilities in rural areas, there is a solid foundation for the development of new industries, new business and new models in rural areas. Scienjoy takes advantage of the momentum to enter the countryside and explore the new opportunities and vitality brought by the live streaming of agricultural products, contributing to changing the rural traditional production methods, reshaping the way of thinking of farmers, and promoting the improvement of agricultural production quality. The live streaming also provides more opportunities to showcase the local agricultural heritage and culture. Based on the representative local landscapes, Scienjoy puts up Beautiful Countryside, Aershan Holy Water Festival and other special activities. Beautiful sceneries and cultures can be introduced to outsiders through live streaming, so that it can help attract more business and agricultural travelers by revitalizing cultural tourism to enhance the local rural cultural experience and promote the development of rural culture.

Compared with the traditional picture and text format, live streaming allows consumers to understand agricultural products more vividly, and to directly interact with farmer anchors in the live streaming room. At the same time, live streaming also breaks space constraints and effectively eliminates channel defects under traditional rural street market model. It can help to reach consumers on a larger scale, reduce the intermediate links in the circulation of traditional agricultural products, alleviate the problem of information asymmetry caused by physical distance, open up connection channels, create a highly interconnected economic ecology, and reshape the relationship between producers and consumers. Big data analysis provides core competitiveness for live streaming + agricultural digital transformation. Based on its own advantages, Scienjoy builds 360-degree panoramic portraits to analyze user behavior trajectories, gains insights into user features and preferences. According to the needs of agricultural marketing, Scienjoy also develops the operation model combining artificial and AI algorithm intelligence to properly match users and agricultural resources, realizes the display of different products according to different users, and upgrades the industrial structure of agriculture from production and marketing to branding.

Live Streaming + Training, Building New Platforms for Cultivating Digital Talents

In July 2020, the Ministry of Human Resources, together with Ministry of Market Regulation, and the National Bureau of Statistics released the third batch of new occupations to the public. Entrepreneurs who rely on short videos and live streaming to sell goods have the new title of "Internet marketers". This not only means that this profession is officially recognized, but also heralds the arrival of a new era of "spiritual workers", the era of the digital economy, where live streaming can greatly help flexible employment. According to the data from the Live Delivery Talent Report for the First Half of 2020 released by BOSS, in the first half of 2020, the demand for talents in major positions in the live streaming economy reached 3.6 times that of the same period in 2019, and the number of job seekers heading into the industry also reached 2.4 times of the same period last year.

To realize the healthy and orderly development of live streaming delivery, talent training is the key. Based on the requirements of enterprises, the people, and employment, Scienjoy has created a model of serving industry development and talent training. Through specialized guidance and training, it cultivates a professional e-commerce live streaming team to realize division of labor including copywriting, planning, filming, anchor and operation, and cultivates professional digital talents who have gifts of gab, understand the Internet, excel at live streaming, and are good at sales. Scienjoy continues to strengthen the cooperation with live streaming e-commerce platforms and MCN institutions, professional colleges, training institutions, and technology research and development centers, continues to “break the wall" for relevant industrial and specialized chains, and continues to provide a platform for the training of live streaming talents to enrich employment formats.

As China's leading mobile video live streaming platform, Scienjoy has shown an enabling and penetrating effect. While empowering industries such as technology, culture, public welfare, cultural tourism, etc. through live streaming +, it also satisfies the needs of social culture and economic benefits and demonstrates the corporate social value.