Scienjoy Exploring the "Live Streaming + Homestay" to Help the Revitalization of the Countryside

Published on : 15 April 2021

On April 15th, Scienjoy cooperated with the Lei Theatre, a well-known modern drama theater, to carry out a beautiful village-style performance at the residence in Yanqing Camp Village, Beijing. The whole performance was live streamed by Showself Live of Scienjoy. The modern drama was presented in an immersive way with a red classic theme to sing for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party. This cross-border live streaming is a new attempt of Scienjoy to help the village revitalization, to promote the "live streaming+ homestay", to practice the national "14th Five-Year Plan", to promote the integration of cultural tourism, and to expand leisure agriculture, rural tourism, residential economy and other native industries.

In this activity, the first village homestay immersion drama "Come Across the Beauty", tells a series of stories of an urban family with the marriage crisis. It cleverly combined the modern drama and the homestay, causing a heated discussion among the netizens. "Live streaming + Homestay" provides the modern drama with a bigger platform, breaking the traditional stage restrictions, touching nationwide audience. Besides, Scienjoy deep dived into the rural homestay for the first time, displaying to the netzines a performance without stage or seat, combining multiple elements like the beauty of countryside, drama, real scene theater, performance art and interactive audience in an audio-visual feast.

In recent years, the homestay has gradually become the fulcrum of the revitalization of the countryside. Rural homestays can effectively drive rural economic development and industrial upgrading, create more high-quality employment opportunities, while fully excavating the rural culture in the "ancient, primeval, true, rustic" and other rural characteristics, with a richer theme of rural tours and higher quality services, to create surprises in the journey. Around the core needs of "living", multiple consumption scenarios have been established with the theme of “rural homestays + eat, travel, buy or entertainment", building a small "pastoral economy" and creating a new model of rural revitalization.

With the development of modern technology, live streaming has gradually become an integral part of people's lives. As a leader in China’s mobile livestreaming market, Scienjoy has about 250 million registered users currently. Scienjoy’s "live streaming + homestay" cross-border live-streaming activities vividly displayed the village customs and the latest status of rural homestay in front of the vast number of netizens, triggering great concern and heated discussion of the hostel industry. The activities acted as a vital carrier of revitalizing rural development and promote the village homestay to more people.

Continuously outputting positive energy content and promoting the revitalization of the countryside, Scienjoy has carried out a series of activities like "beautiful countryside", "Alshan Holy Water Festival", "Speaking for my hometown" through its self-owned platforms Showself Live, Lehi Live, Haixiu Live, Beeshow Live and strategic cooperation platform Hongle live. These activities enrich the platform content and help the development of the rural industry through livestreaming. It is well recognized that Scienjoy has made obvious empowerment effect through live streaming in science and technology, culture, public welfare, cultural tourism, and other industries, highlighting the social value of enterprises.