Broadcaster | Momo: A Great Story is Always on The Way

Published on : 10 May 2021

In 2017, Momo talked with her roommates about her future before their graduation on whether or not she should work in the tourism industry that she had studied for four years.

Like every graduate facing the job market, she stood at a crossroad in her life, filled with confusion.

At that time, she was not aware that she would enter the live broadcasting industry, and that she would work in the industry in the following five years, let alone that she could be promoted to a supervisor in 2 years, leading her team to achieve record performance.

Part 01 Starting

Momo became a broadcaster after graduation. With the pretty looking and active personality, Momo had her first fans smoothly. In the following 2 years, her life was easy but monotonous, repeating with live broadcasting, dining and sleeping.

The long-term lack of exercise, rest time and irregular work brought some burdens to her body. Insomnia and palpitation made her confused again. "Is the current state the life wanted? Should I do a normal job to adjust the lifestyle? "After some struggle and thinking inside, she was determined to make a change.

Live broadcasting has entered her life. With her passion for the industry, she sent her resume to several admin positions in live broadcasting companies. Recalling the interview, Momo said that among several companies, with only the person in charge of Melody Media had the most opportunist conversation. It was precisely because of that pleasant interview that she chose to enter this company and kept her enthusiasm and motivation for work.

Momo goes to the gym every week to save up energy and keep fit for the work. Once, she got injured in the gym with four stitches in the head but was still on time. When asked how tired it was for her to persist, Momo said, "I love livestreaming. It is a healing career. There is no distinction between wealth and poverty. And it builds the most sincere and honest connections among people."

Now, Momo has become a senior executive at the company, responsible for the daily operation of the broadcasters of Melody Media on Hongle Live. But at the beginning, she was a freshman with limited knowledge. After entering the new post, Momo found that she still had huge knowledge gap about this industry even with two years of live broadcasting experience. She urgently needed to re-understand this industry from a new perspective. The first step was difficult, but she had a good mentor. Under the advice of her mentor, she learnt how to recruit and interview new broadcasters and started broadcasting on Hongle Live at the same time, summarizing the methods that could be taught to newcomers.

Practice is the best teacher. Momo quickly became the second executive in the company through hard work and dedication. Over the past 2 years, she and the company have been growing rapidly. The size of her team has grown from a small number to about 40. Momo has grown from a freshman to a mature and capable person who leads the assistant to communicate with the branch office. During this period, Momo grew a lot with great efforts.

Part 02 On the Way

Momo's life has always been very simple. She used to comment that she is a romantic Pisces. Momo has been a fan of organizing and participating various activities since childhood. But during her 5 years in live broadcasting industry, work became the most important part of her life. And the occasional entertainment, which were the team gatherings, has become kind of the attachment to her romantic life.

Different from previous experience, the parties after work are more interesting and meaningful. "I love my job. I love the joy and sense of accomplishment that every progress and breakthrough bring to me."

Every time the team reached a goal, she would organize a party. During the toasts, everyone would shout out their common wish: "May we be more popular. " This is the most direct impulse of most broadcasters. The impulse was not for fame or profit. Because they all want a piece of cake in the highly competitive market of live broadcasting nationwide. Every single opportunity was precious. With the experience in both broadcasting and operation management, Momo knows that what everyone needs is to finish each live broadcasting prudently, accumulate experience and transform the experience into their unique style.

Momo would give red packs and gifts to her team and her fans during festivals. When the broadcaster in the team wanted to quit, Momo and her fans will support them, treating them with dinner and accompanying them to release the anguish inside. In Momo's view, as long as the temporary obstacle could be overcome with constant efforts. To the broadcasters in difficulties, she would always give tolerance and trust. She will set a small goal and reward them for achieving it. She believes trust is the best incentive.

Momo said, "I firmly believe in responsibility, enthusiasm and positivity in the work. I believe that we should treat others with kindness and sincerity. I believe that we should be confident and live a wonderful life."

Although the post-1995 generation is considered as jumpy in career, Momo, as a post-1995 girl, has her own persistence for her career.

Part 03 Feedback

The love, growth, unity, and joy she felt during the live broadcasting made Momo more firmly believe in the importance of love and being loved, of positivity and the inspiration on herself and others.

Besides the habit of keeping fit, she started charity. The choice of charity was confirmed the first time she visited a disabled child in a welfare home. Momo recalled that she took carefully selected stationery and toys to play games with those children and taught them dance. Some children don't speak much because of intellectual problems. When Momo was about to leave, a child held her leg and said, "Mommy don't go”.

“I am a person with a soft heart and was greatly touch. The tears came out then."

Momo often donated to public welfare foundations. When it was inconvenient to buy supplies during the epidemic, she also delivered rice and noodles to the elderly in the surrounding communities together with the company. Once they also send welfare to the sanitation workers with a lottery game offline. They prepared electrical appliances and other groceries. An old man got the first prize with huge smiles. The first prize was a diamond ring. The old man held the ring with shyness and said that he would bring the ring to his wife. It was at that time that Momo felt that love could be passed from one person to another.

Because of these many public welfare activities, Momo embraced everything around her with a more real gratitude.

"I am especially grateful for this platform and opportunity to extend my warmth and love to my broadcaster, fans and to those in need."

"I was fortunate to have mentors who patiently guided and nurtured me, giving me two of the most important and fruitful years of my life."

From a doubtful girl who asked a lot “Can I?” to a confident woman who encourages herself a lot with “I can!”. From a confused freshman in the society, to a solid woman standing on my own, Momo is a representative of the post-1995 girls who live a wonderful life.

Like every dreamer, wonderful stories are always on the way. Time keeps grinding out a complete Momo. A goal, even if you can't achieve it today or tomorrow, is always in your heart. The important thing is that you are always on the road.