The Broadcaster’s Story | Xixi: Live Streaming to Guard Life

Published on : 19 April 2021

In the just-concluded artist contest of Showself Live, "War of Spring", the broadcaster Xixi won the best idol group championship with nearly 20 million votes, surpassing the second place, and became the broadcaster with the highest number of votes on omni-platforms in this artist contest.

Before knowing about the live streaming industry, Xixi chose engineering-related majors referring to the opinions of her family, and she was also ready to follow the pave of her parents. By coincidence, she was exposed and was immediately attracted by the rapidly changing and advancing Internet industry, which started a new stage in her life. But life is always full of twists and turns, setting obstacles on the way of growth. Xixi experienced the guild’s wage arrears and the platform closure when first entered the industry. It was not until she came to Showself Live that she really entered the live streaming industry and grew from being an broadcaster to having her own guild.

At the end of 2020, Xixi and her close girl co-founded an online broadcaster guild. Like many young entrepreneurs, they embarked on this road full of risks and opportunities with enthusiasm and courage. Xixi had little understanding of the work process of the guild as a previous broadcaster. So, the difficulty could be imagined when her role has been switched to the overall management staff from the executive staff.

To run the guild better, Xixi had a one-month break on livestreaming and devoted herself to learning. Registering a company, formulating articles of association, drafting contracts, recruiting new recruits, statistics, and accounting... Everything must be learned from the basic ABC. Xixi and her friend soaked themselves in obscure contract regulations every day, and then had great command of the calculators and the accounts. They turned to peers, friends and platforms for the questions and knowledge gaps. During their entrepreneurship, the two of them inevitably experienced the hardship of struggling by themselves, so they cherish the help of others. Every time they received help, "Thank you" was the sincerest gratitude to whom offered the help.

After the guild was built, Xixi and her friend encountered a new problem of recruiting broadcasters. Xixi went through almost everyone in the contacts and received numbers of rejections. Although Xixi was inevitably disappointed, she could always think differently and understand the choices of others to avoid nags. To reply to messages in time, her mobile phone was almost 7*24 on. It was common to reply to several people's messages at the same time, and sometimes she even woke up to check and reply to messages in her sleep. During the difficult period, Xixi was very fortunate that she and her friend supporting each other. With the joint efforts of the two of them, a whole set of guild operation process was finally pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle.

In the Showself live streaming artist contest, "War of Spring", Xixi finally overwhelmed the other participants with landslide votes. Before the finals, Xixi has been on the verge of elimination. Looking back on the previous bumpy experience, Xixi valued stability over fame and flow on the Showself platform. So, before the finals, she was focusing on taking care of the other broadcasters in the guild. But her friend who was also the business partner understood that an excellent broadcaster like Xixi just lacked a chance, so in the finals, she encouraged the fans to vote for Xixi. Meanwhile, other broadcasters in the guild have always been grateful for Xixi's guidance and they inspired their fans to vote for Xixi in return. With the support from fans of herself and other broadcasters, Xixi finally climbed to the throne of champion from the bottom of the finals.

Everything is going smoothly. The livestreaming and guiding new broadcasters have been the daily routine. Now Xixi can balance her work of both live streaming and guild operation. As for life, Xixi also has her own colourful life with sun, moon and stars, mountains, rivers, and seas, all things in the world, and all kinds of life.

Xixi has set a goal for herself since the finish of college entrance examination, which marks the start of adulthood, that she would travel to at least one place annually. In college, Xixi and her classmates lived frugally to save for the trips, and they travelled to Shandong, Hunan, Zhejiang, Henan... After graduation, Xixi used the income of live streaming in Hong Kong to wander in a shopping paradise and in Yunnan to experience the tropical Customs, in Tibet to experience the purification of the soul by the secrets of the plateau... In the past few years, she has seen most of the sceneries in China. During the Spring Festival this year, she also took her parents to Sanya on vacation, covering all the expenses of her parents. Compared with the poor travel before graduation, financially supported travel allows Xixi to meet her unknown self on an unknown journey. For Xixi, live streaming is not only a mainstay supporting her travel hobby, but also a self-value realizing career.

From an engineering student to a champion broadcaster, Xixi has found the lifestyle she desires. The case of Tsinghua students selling pancakes showed her that the future career path is not necessarily decided by the academic major in the university. Nowadays, more and more people squeeze their heads into the "big factory", it seems that they can be labelled as "young and promising". But perhaps they have been trapped in the cage of social adjustment value and trapped in the "996" working model. The greatest happiness for someone is to live the life following his or her own heart. For Xixi, this dreamlife is nothing but a satisfying career, spare time for gathering with close friends for dinner and movies and the trip to a city annually.

Being able to protect the desired lifestyle through the beloved live streaming job, Xixi is a life winner, isn’t she?