Scienjoy uses live streaming to help farmers in Yunnan Province to improve their income

Published on : 24 June 2020

On June 16, Scienjoy held a live streaming event the topic of which was on Poverty Alleviation in Yunnan. The event was jointly launched by the News Department of the Supreme Court, the News media Agency of the People's Court, the Social and Legal channel of CCTV of the China Media Group and the Yunnan Provincial Court. It is also a beneficial attempt of Sicenjoy in poverty alleviation work.

Nanjian Yizu autonomous county is located in western Yunnan province. It covers an area of 1,738.82 square kilometers and is bordered by the Boundless mountains described in the novel "Tian Long Ba Bu" and the magnificent Lancang River. In 2019, Nanjian county has been listed out of poverty list for the first time, but they need to consolidate the achievements to prevent the return of poverty. The local agriculture and products affected by the epidemic. Nanjian County faced problems on how to help poor households sell agricultural products and drive people's income to increase.

"Open channels, love to help, we speak for Nanjian agricultural products.".

"Expand market channels, we speak for Nanjian agricultural products. I am Ji Xiangyang, secretary of Nanjian County Committee. Welcome to the magical and beautiful Wuliang Mountain!"

With the conversation between Zhou Haiyan, a police officer at the local court, and Ji Xiangyang, the secretary of Nanjian County Committee, a special product exhibition was taking place in the tea plantation. The green tea garden overflowed with the smell of tea. Local boys and girls sang a cheerful welcoming song in the live streaming (Showself). Afterwards, they also performed a wonderful art of vegetable jumping dance, which brought a wonderful audio-visual experience to audiences.

Ji Xiangyang introduced to the audience in the live streaming about the agricultural characteristics of Nanjian County, the rural revitalization and the development of combining tea, culture and tourism. Local businesses also expressed their special products and services including tea picking, hand-made tea and black-bone chicken cooking. Li Mengxuan, a tea company representative, said that the live broadcast of poverty alleviation provided farmers in the mountains with a new sales channel, and that she would lead farmers to continue to build brands and turn the tea leaves into "golden leaves" for everyone to improve their income.

The representative from Scienjoy stated that the live broadcasting gave full play to utilizing the characteristics and advantages, effectively broke the restrictions of space, and contributed an accurate and feasible way for people to improve their income. In fact, the live broadcasting of Poverty alleviation in Nanjian is a microcosm of Scienjoy’sactive fulfillment of social responsibilities. In 2020, Scienjoy donated RMB 1 million to Wuhan, the major epidemic area, to purchase materials for epidemic prevention and provide necessary help and protection for front-line medical workers. In addition, Scienjoy took an active part in projects to help students to fight against the epidemic, which was established by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Alumni Entrepreneurs Association, and helped students from Hubei province. They have raised fund approximately RMB 700,000.

Scienjoy will further give play to its advantages in technology, actively explore the mode of live-streaming in e-commerce, effectively stimulate the purchasing power of platform users, and increase farmers' incomes.