Red classic Cantonese opera "Dream: Red Boat" tour in Beijing Scienjoy showcases the charm of southern drama online

Published on : 14 December 2020

  From December 15th to December 16th, Scienjoy will enter the Meilanfang Grand Theater in Beijing to broadcast the Cantonese opera "Dream: Red Boat", the outstanding work of the Guangdong Cantonese Opera, and present a Cantonese opera art and cultural feast. Live events of [Red Classic] are hosted by and are exclusively supported by Scienjoy. Five live broadcast platforms will participate in this event: Scienjoy’s Showself, Lehai TV, Haixiu TV, MiFeng, and the strategic cooperation platform Hongle Live.

  "Dream Red Boat" was produced and performed by Guangdong Cantonese Opera. National first-class actor Peng Qinghua; national first-class actor, Wenhua Performance Award, Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award winner Zeng Xiaomin, and national first-class actor Wen Ruqing starred. This play has won the first prize of Outstanding Repertoire, Outstanding Director, Screenwriter, and Outstanding Performance in the 12th Guangdong Art Festival; the first prize of the 2nd Guangdong Drama and Literature Award; the 10th Guangdong Provincial Spiritual Civilization Construction "Five One Project" Awards and other awards and appeared in the 11th China Arts Festival.

  The play is co-created by the famous screenwriter Liang Yunan and Yin Hongbo and directed by the famous performing artist Ding Fan.The play is based on the story of the Cantonese opera Red Boat troupe in the 1930s. This play tells the story of Cantonese opera artists Kwong Sanhua, Mei Qing, Chao Jianlang and the Red Boat apprentice during the War of Resistance against Japanese invaders. At that time, they held torches and board the top of the ship with the Cantonese opera stunt, "High Stage Mirror". In the end, they succeed in drawing the story of the bombing of the Red Ship and the Japanese invaders. This play reproduces the heroic feats of Cantonese opera artists in resisting bullies, warlords and Japanese invaders in the 1930s. Therefore, it has a strong patriotic spirit and has won high praise from audiences and experts since it began to perform.

  In the play, Peng Qinghua plays the Cantonese opera artist Kwong Sanhua, who is good at singing and martial arts. In his martial arts scenes, he showed the standard southern style of martial arts. Using the drum head and the drum stand as the focal point, the coherent southern style of Cantonese opera, " High Stage Mirror ", further demonstrates Peng Qinghua's martial arts.

  The climax of the play is exciting. The singing and music not only highlight the characteristics of Cantonese opera singing, but also integrate the elements of the times. The costumes and props are well-made and pleasing to the eye with Lingnan characteristics. The stage beauty and lighting design are simple and abstract but poetic. In summary, this is an excellent work that integrates ideological, artistic, and ornamental features.

  Live broadcasts of the series [Red Classics] are planned to go to famous theaters and troupes to help everyone understand the heroic stories and spirit of the times behind classic operas from classic stage art. This time Scienjoy and will pay tribute to the Red Revolution classic. Scienjoy presents Cantonese opera, a cultural treasure of Lingnan, to platform users through live broadcast, in order to let the audience appreciate the charm of Lingnan and learn the patriotic spirit of heroes of the times.

  Carrying forward the spirit of the Chinese nation, showing the charm of traditional art, and inheriting the treasures of Chinese culture are Scienjoy's responsibility to spread the positive energy of society, and it is also the determination of our platform to continue to output high-quality content. Next, Scienjoy will make more attempts in the dissemination and inheritance of the Red Revolution classics. Through our platform, we will spread the heroic stories of the times and ignite patriotism.