Luo Xiang leads the legal aid team into the community Scienjoy associated live broadcast of local legal poverty alleviation

Published on : 14 December 2020

  On December 11, the well-known law professor Luo Xiang led the legal aid team of China University of Political Science and Law into the Horqin Left-wing Central Banner, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to promote the local law. The event is jointly launched by the "On site" column of CCTV's Social and Law Channel, China University of Political Science and Law, and the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party Committee of Horqin Left-wing Central Banner. Showself of Scienjoy participates in the live broadcast and sets up an event area online.

  During the event, Luo Xiang, who was named a rule of law figure in 2020 and the director of the Institute of Law of China University of Political Science and Law School of Criminal Justice, explained "How Far is Criminal Law from Your Life" at the lecture on law popularization. Additionally, the program also invited Feng Shiyong, the vice president of China University of Political Science and Law, to come to the studio to promote the law to raise the legal awareness of local residents. Meanwhile, a legal aid team composed of temporary poverty alleviation professors-Wang Jing, Zhao Guangcheng and three supporting students set up by China University of Political Science and Law enter the community to provide on-site legal consulting services for residents of the Darhan community.

  Known as the "famous influencer" and “legal slogan” professor Luo Xiang used humorous language to connect the obscure criminal law with ordinary people's daily life.His live broadcast has attracted many interested audiences. Some netizens said that they had encountered similar problems and solved the problem by improving legal awareness through “cloud learning”. Vice President Feng Shiyong recounts his experience and insights when working for poverty alleviation as the main person in charge of the designated poverty alleviation Khorqin Zuoying Zhongqi project of China University of Political Science and Law, which triggers strong resonance among netizens.

  2020 is the year for complete poverty alleviation. Scienjoy takes advantage of the platforms and actively fulfills its corporate social responsibility. Scienjoy participated in a series of live broadcast and public welfare, live broadcast and poverty alleviation activities such as "Explore the water of Arxan and discover the beauty of Arxan", "I do fund’s love Tibet trip, light up dreams with art ", "You get rich with pepper”. While using live broadcasts to promote the local beauty and delicacies, it also broadens the channels for poor people to increase their income, thereby helping the locals overcome poverty.

  A major victory has been achieved in the fight against poverty, but the results need to be consolidated. Getting rid of poverty is not only in the form of normal goods, but also for minds including the cultivation of legal awareness and legal literacy. This is the significance of poverty alleviation under law and also an important reason why Scienjoy participates.

  For a long time, Scienjoy has used practical actions to spread positive energy, allowing netizens to pass a series of live broadcasts and culture, live broadcast and technology activities, such as "Online Chinese Festival · Chongyang", ""Sound of Shaocheng" Independent Original Music Conference", "Hello, New Era", etc. to experience China's high-quality culture and gain positive values.