Red classics regain brilliance - Scienjoy broadcasts the ballet "Yimeng"

Published on : 18 December 2020

Let us Walk into the Red Revolution classics and pay tribute to the heroes of the times. On December 18th, the live events of [Red Classics] series came to the Central Ballet to broadcast the ballet "Yimeng", bringing elegant art into the web live broadcast room. The series is directed by the Network News and Information Dissemination Bureau of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Office, hosted by, and exclusively supported by Scienjoy.The event is broadcast on the five live broadcast platforms of Scienjoy: Showself, Haixiu TV, Lehai TV, MiFeng and its strategic cooperation platform hongle Live.

The original ballet "Yimeng" is based on the dance drama "Ode to Yimeng" and absorbs the story chapters of "The Three Chapters of Yimeng". The ballet specially invites Wang Xiaoling, who is a well-known lyricist, a national first-level screenwriter, and a civilian general, as the screenwriter. She reset a new and grand story structure, linking real and touching deeds such as "Using Breast Milk to Rescue the Wounded", "Forever Bride" and "The Bridge of Fire" in a more profound plot. A famous composer, Master of Dance Music, and one of the composers of the ballet "Ode to Yimeng", 80-year-old Liu Tingyu is another composer. He uses familiar melody to lead the audience to review the classics. Xu Gang, assistant to the artistic director of the Central Ballet, chief rehearsal, and ballet master, serves as the choreographer and director. Together with the young generation of choreographers and stage design talents of the Central Ballet, he has rejuvenated the strong Yimeng spirit in the new era through unique perspectives and innovative forms of artistic expression.

The live broadcast program performed in famous theaters and troupes to help everyone understand the hero stories and spirit of the times behind classic operas from classic stage art. In the live broadcast of the ballet " Yimeng ", the popular song " Ode to Yimeng " immediately evoked the memories of netizens and aroused the resonance of them.

From December 26 to 28, 2020, the Central Ballet's large-scale original ballet "Yimeng" will premiere at Beijing Tianqiao Theater. As a key support work of the "Hundred Years" creation plan in the "Creation Project to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China", this original ballet that embodies the collective wisdom of three generations of artists from the Central Ballet will bring audiences classic aftertaste and brand-new feelings.

Disseminate red classic works and promote the spirit of patriotism. Scienjoy will make more attempts in the dissemination and inheritance of red classics, and will continue to output high-quality content, and assume the social responsibility of advocating a good online fashion and practicing socialist core values.