Accelerating the creation of live content ecosystems, Scienjoy is more than show livestreaming

Published on : 30 October 2020

  Mobile livestreaming is more than entertainment. Closely combining with various industries, it becomes the entrance of traditional enterprises to embrace the digital economy. With years of deep exploration in mobile livestreaming, it is natural for Scienjoy to accelerate the creation of a live content ecosystem and digital integration with different industries.

  In May this year, Scienjoy officially landed on the Nasdaq, the US stock exchange, seizing the market opportunity to accelerate its performance.

  According to Scienjoy’s Q2 financial report, the total revenue in 2020 Q2 was RMB 235.2 million, an increase of 8.9% compared with RMB 215.9 million in the same period of last year; the net profit increased by 282.2%, from RMB 31.84 million in the same period of 2019 to RMB 121.7 million. Prior to that, Scienjoy announced its acquisition of Beelive at a price of 300 million yuan, officially entering the overseas market.

  Some critics think that Scienjoy is rather conservative. However, for the creation of the livestreaming ecosystem, Scienjoy has its own ideas and persistence.

  "Content is king" and to create diversified live content is crucial

  As the leading player in the field of show livestreaming, Scienjoy strives to expand its new business map rapidly based on its existing core business. In addition to actively exploring cooperation with the traditional entertainment industry, how to use quality content to build a closed loop ecosystem of livestreaming is the direction of its thinking and efforts.

  When livestream has become an important tool to kill time, Scienjoy has increased investment in content interaction, developed self-made variety shows on the platform, "Voice of Showself", "Brain PK King" and so on are representative IP content on the platform; in terms of operation mode, through refined content operations, Scienjoy has made great progress in the highly homogeneous livestreaming market. Earlier, Scienjoy was also the first livestream platform in the industry to put forward the operation idea of "game-based multi content".

  He Xiaowu, CEO of Scienjoy, also expressed his ambition in the field of pan-entertainment livestreaming at this year's ‘Snowball US Stock Listed Company Leaders’ meeting. In the future, Scienjoy will continue to create unlimited content and a virtual parallel world for users. On the platform, users and streamers can not only experience different game scenes, but also participate in content production.

  It is expected that by the end of 2021, Scienjoy will launch "six parallel worlds" on its livestream platform. Currently, it has launched content production of martial arts and court.

  To create a unique content ecosystem with game thinking is not only a bold practice in the pan-entertainment layout, but also a new direction to explore the effective combination of content and flow. He Xiaowu believes that in addition to the emotional elements connected with the streamers as the core of the show livestream, the idea of game-based content operation makes users stay longer on the platform and have higher willingness to pay.

  Maximize Private Flow Value of Social E-commerce

  While expanding the landscape of the pan-entertainment field and creating a unique quality content ecosystem, Scienjoy is also actively expanding the full integration of livestreaming and e-commerce, finance, medical and aesthetic fields.

  At the 18th Chinajoy Expo in 2020, Scienjoy and ChinaJoy reached a pan-entertainment live industry partnership for the first time through Alibaba's Damai. The partnership includes online livestreaming, offline streamer exploration interaction, CEO live delivery and so on. All kinds of signs are passing on to the outside world that Scienjoy wants to do more than show livestreaming in the future.

  Recently, some attentive netizens found that Scienjoy launched "Scienjoy Selection" on its livestream platform, covering a full range of products mainly including 3C digital and cosmetics. In fact, with the rich experience of internet livestreaming and solid user base, it is inevitable for Scienjoy to explore e-commerce livestreaming.

  From the perspective of Scienjoy, e-commerce livestreaming and entertainment livestreaming have the same operation mode of "People-Goods-Field". The former provides goods and services for the public, while the latter tends to meet the spiritual needs of users. Scienjoy will operate live e-commerce based on social relations, take advantage of highly differentiated competitive advantages, respect the business logic of private traffic, and make the scene aggregation effect stronger and marketing efficiency higher through social and content-based operation modes.

  "The goal of Scienjoy is to fully combine the live e-commerce and pan-entertainment livestreaming in terms of products and operation and establish a dynamic ecosystem of content by increasing the entertainment on the platform and the participation of users, so as to meet the diversified and refined needs of the public." says He Xiaowu..

  Scienjoy has experienced the industrial decay and recovery cycle. From "silence is gold" to high-profile voice, every time Scienjoy makes a move with a sound plan in mind.

  The future of Scienjoy is promising.